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  • what memoory to use

    I am going to be building a new system very soon. It will be a P4 2.4 or 2.6 at 800 fsb. I am not exactly sure which mother board yet, but leaning towards the Abit ic7-g however not sure. most certainly will be buying an abit board. I want to know what is the best choice for memory, without going overboard, not worried about cost. the computer will be all purpose, and I want to over clock it, but not right away. also reccomendations on mother board will be appreciated

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    I am pretty new to the computer world, but from what I have been reading, The Asus P4C-E Deluxe Mobo is supposed to be one of the best Overclocking motherboards. For the RAM, I've been recommended to get at least 512mb of PC3500 which would keep you set for a while.