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KINGMAX 1GB SO-DIMM memory module

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  • KINGMAX 1GB SO-DIMM memory module

    Memory capacity of TinyBGA Stacked IC increasing day by day
    Kingmax releases cutting edge 1 GB DDR SO-DIMM , raise a new benchmark in the industry.

    Kingmax, renowned for its stable product quality, leading specification and high performance on the SO-DIMM market, boosts the memory capacity of SO-DIMM to 1GB inside a limited space with its Stacked TinyBGA IC, a breakthrough of traditional IC chip package technology, and its existing TinyBGA package technology. This revolutionary product will certainly bring a commotion to the SO-DIMM market and meet NB PC users’ critical requirement on performance.

    Unlike the static growth rate of DT PC, the growth rate of NB PC still remains 2-digit growth in terms of shipment recently. On the other hand, mature manufacturing technologies cause the declining prices of NB PC. It is very obvious that the situation of market demand for NB PC has replaced that of DT PC. The wireless and mobile network concept of Intel Centrino CPU incites individuals and SOHO users’ needs for mobility and further the new generation Intel P4 CPU has significantly enhanced its functions while the latest Intel 845/855 chip set all can support 2 GB memory capacity. These new designs make no function difference between NB PC and DT PC, and further provide both mobility and platform performance option to performance demanding consumers.

    Performance-Enhanced NB PC has become popular in the market day-by-day, especially the portable slim ones. Consequently, the space for memory is compressed and sacrificed due to this slim design. Therefore, how to improve performance and increase memory capacity in the limited space has become NB PC manufacturers and memory module manufacturers’ main concern. Kingmax released the first 512MB module, which was observed and brought a commotion on the market in 2002 and took a good market share. This product is also very popular on the U.S.,Japan,Europe markets where high performance and specification are always main concerns. Consumers who have problems with insufficient memory capacity and limited upgrade space can solve their problems by using this product.

    Kingmax’s proprietary TinyBGA technology is always renowned for its tiny design in volume, which is only 1/2 size of a normal chip with TSOP package. Now the new design with 2 dies stacked increase the capacity of original memory module. This stacking technology is not anything new in the semi-conductor industry but is not easily applied to DRAM package because of many difficulties and limitations. The Wire Bond of SDRAM and Flash is Edge-Bond so the difficulty in stacking is not so big. But the wired Bond of DRAM is Central-Bond so it uses the very difficult stacking technology, 3D package. Furthermore, there are issues about heat, signal delay and yield rate of stacking technology to overcome. Kingmax indicates that other manufacturers would need at least one year to catch up. Comparing to the cost of 1GB memory module with one single 512Mb, the cost of a module with two 256Mb die stacked is down to 1/3. Therefore, this cost advantage makes 1 GB module to be very competitive in price and Kingmax’s vertical integrated supply chain guarantees fast delivery; 1 GB DDR266/333 is scheduled to enter mass production in the middle of June. All these advantages make Kingmax very confident of its new product, TinyBGA Stacked IC.
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd