I had left my computer on for the last 3 days as it was doing some backup work to my NAS. I decided to restart it this morning and after I did, the internet came on but then went off. I tried doing troubleshooting, but that didn't fix anything. I then went to device manager to uninstall the network adapter but it just kept uninstalling. It wouldn't stop. It tried to uninstall for over 15 minutes. The green bar just kept moving but nothing is happened.

I then restarted the computer, and when it came back on, the internet worked for a couple of minutes and then it just went off on this computer. There is network and internet everywhere else just not on my computer.

When I did a troubleshoot again the ethernet adapter became disabled and I could not enable it. I had to do a restart and the same thing happened. The internet came on, but after a couple of minutes it went off and nothing I did could fix it.

I am trying to uninstall the driver again, but it is doing the same thing. It just keeps running.

What do I need to try? I've never had anything like this happen before, so I'm kind of lost on what else I need to try.