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Dazed an confused about networking

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  • Dazed an confused about networking

    :confused: I have read all the posts in the forum but i am still a bit confused about networking.
    I currently have a pac bell P41.3ghz 512MB RAM 100GB with win xp pro, Main PC in the "family room" connected to the internet via ADSL Broadband modem via the pc s USB port. I have just bought an acer notebook pc with AMD athlon xp process and 256 RAM 20GB HDD with win xp home. I want to create a wireless network in the house allowing the notebook to be used anywhere, the notebook has a pcmcia card slot and an ethernet port. I went to the microsoft networking guide (posted in another thread) and got the following solution: wireless network with wireless base station with ethernet connections

    However i dont understand what is for (10/100 Ethernet Adapter USB) is for how does this connect into the system and what does it do (does it connect via the ADSL modem and router????) as i have no connections on my modem. it plugs straight from my usb port on the pc to the phone jack via a filter at the moment with no other free connex on it.

    Is it not just possible to connect a router on the main pc and have a notebook pc card adapter???? to allow them to communicate and share the ADSL connex??

    any explaination thankfully recieved