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    Currently I have a mini Wireless network connected to my main network consisting of an Xircom Access Point, two laptops using Xircom Wireless Ethernet cards and two Palm M505s with Xircom Wireless LAN module. Everything works fine. Now I have a user that want his setup changed for when they are not in the office.

    I need to setup a laptop with the wireless ethernet card that will comminicate with Palm pilot without the use of the Access point when the laptop is not connected to the network.

    I am only looking to be able to hotsync. Getting mail or internet access is not a major concern at this time.

    1) Is this peer to peer type of setup possible with a laptop and Pam though a wireless connection. (outside of the network and excluding the access point)

    2) If it is any help or links would be appriciated!:D


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    I'd imagine you'd be able to use a simple peer - peer setup by setting one device IP to and so forth but then again I have never worked with wireless Palm.

    Maybe someone else can give some better advice.
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      you can set the wireless cards into ad-hoc mode which makes each card act like an access point. but thats a security risk in a corp. environment. also I've never done that with a PDA for hot syncing purposes so i have no idea how well it would/wouldn't work..:eek: