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  • can't connect to link

    ooops!! wrong forum. sorry.

    i have a link on a web site that gives me a "this page cannot be displayed" message. i'm not able to connect using my pc but i can connect to the link using other pc's (all pc's inc. mine have ie6)
    i've set my ie6 internet security and "advanced" settings identical(default--no high security setting) to the pcs that are able to connect but still not able to connect to this link.
    i've check the SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0,(under advanced tab) and they are all checked. and i have nothing in hosts file other than

    i've cleared cookies/temps etc. but still no success.

    are there other settings/things that i should check that could be causing this little prob?

    my os as well as that on other pc is xp.

    just did clean install 2 wks ago. (also i've run sfc)

    i did notice that on my second (networked pc) that can connect to the link has java 2(sun) v 1.40 ... would this make a diff?

    tnx for any help with this pest.