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Can't connect to my Wifi network

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  • Can't connect to my Wifi network


    I am trying to connect a computer that used to be wired to the internet.
    I tried with 2 adapters : Linksys AE3000 and Dlink 160, both didn't weren't recognized by the computer - but after a few restarts and tries, the computer found the Linksys.
    Then, both couldn't find the network (the former computer that was there had a strong connection), and when I troubleshoot, I get "unexpected error" on both adapters.
    I tried for hours, now I'm desperate.

    - my wireless network adapter ( Linksys AE3000 ) can be detected in Device Manager with its full name displayed, but in the taskbar, it shows the WiFi logo darkened with a red X over it.
    - I tried turning off the antivirus (Zonealarm)

    OS: Windows 7 Home 64-bit (genuine)

    Your Help is appreciated
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