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    I have a USRobotics internet gaming modem and have been looking for tweaks to improve its speed. My avg. connection speed is 26,400 with a max of 28,800. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    Yep, I am reasonably certain that your problem is not your modem. My guess is that your max data transfer is 56k/2which will get you 28. What I mean is that your telephone is using a digital spliter, most likely made by a company called Pair Gain (Now owned by ADC). It allows the telephone company to use 1 copper pair of wire to give 1 person 2 lines or give 2 different people 1 phone line. Phone companies often do this when they don't have enough copper in the ground to meet customers needs. There are numerous ways to do this digitally but max data transfer is 28.8 kbps. The Law in the USA mostly controls voice transfer, not data, so as long as you are paying for a voice line you will just have to live with it. Also if you are in a rural area, a similar method is often used to extend the range of the phone lines. Nothing can be done in this case either, except, move closer to the Central Office. Good Luck!


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      This may help a little:
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