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Web Hosting -- Best Company?

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  • Web Hosting -- Best Company?

    My parents want to have their website hosted by a company that can guarantee us realiable service for our site and will allow remote linking and allow me to have complete control over content.

    I have no idea how to go about evaluating the companies that offer web hosting services. Is there some sort of review service that I can trust? Or do any of you have sites hosted by web hosting companies?

    By the way, don't tell me to just host my own site and give me directions on how to go about doing so, my parents want this professionally hosted and I personally don't want to host their site.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd


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      Mr Tweak,

      I know that Google exists and I know how to search it. I am asking if any of those companies is better than the rest or if there is one in particular that I should definitely not use. If I could get an opinion as to the quality of any web hosting company I would appreciate it.



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        there are many diffrent webhosts.
        Check us out if you want ;)

        Reliability? 4:14am up 68 days


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          Are quite good :).