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Proxy connection is eating my frags!

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  • Proxy connection is eating my frags!

    I managed to get my college room hooked up to the lovely 10mb hall connection and was rubbing my hands in glee at the prospect of ultra low online pingage in cs when disaster struck!

    I connect to the outside world through a proxy connection to the college network and while this works fine for browsing the web or using kazaa it takes serious affront to online gaming, be that cs, quake, unreal whatever. I'm guessing this has something to do with certain ports being closed but i'm really fumbling in the dark, I've heard this is a common problem for online games on college connections so if anyone knows what the problem is or how to get around it i'd be very grateful.

    As i said i'm not on solid ground as i'm no genius on lans or proxy connections so any data you need just post and i'll reply. Thanks!

    PS i'm on win xp plus service pack1, useing a 10/100 realtek ethernet card to connect, lol and I'm in University of Aberstwyth Wales if by some massive fluke anyone reading this also is on their network.