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can anyone help me with a sm56 voice modem??

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  • can anyone help me with a sm56 voice modem??

    i have had no luck getting a now unsupported motorola "sm56 modem" to work with a w2k os. have been emailing and chking google but so far no such help either! the normal driver package doesnt work now that the os is no longer fat32 but ntfs. any help welcomed?

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    I'm no expert nor do I have 1 of those modems or Win2k;
    But I ran what I hope to be the right questions in an input field labelled search at Motorola and this is what I came up with.

    I'm guessing you have a SM56PCIDFV, if so try the driver for Win2K at;

    If it's a SM56PCI2DFV try the one at;

    If it's none of those, see the list at;

    Installation instruction is available at;

    Man, I hope that helps you.
    Good luck with it!
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      :cheers: I had the same problem with my modem when I upgraded to XP. I have since got a USB modem and no problems. I could only think that the NTFS file system does not support this type of modem. Mine was fairly old.


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        Why would the file system prevent the drivers from working?


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          :cheers: NTFS file system may not be compatible with original modem driver. Me thinks?


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            yes christ i agree with u since it has work well with FAT but apparently will not with ntfs @#$% as it turns out its all so some kind of cpu/software modem ...didnt kno that after using it all this time!!! it twas sold to me as a hardware type [email protected]#$% ....i also had use the same drvs christ that u repointed me to...thats a yes with fat and a no go with ntfs for sm56 modem manuf. by Motorola but no longer supported by them...there are others by way of google who have had problems with this modem...i broke the piggy bank and sold AL cans to get my new generic but compatible hardware modem. w'll be see n yah around from time to time gud luk all. :o

            err, sorry that a thanks to Mr C for the drvs sites