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Please help: DHCP router

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  • Please help: DHCP router


    a few months ago I bought myself my own computer because my husband wouldn't let me play on "our" computer.....:rolleyes2

    anyway, to share our cable internet access, the guy in the PC shop (you know, one of those little ones that makes the no-brand PCs for you out of all the bits and pieces) sold us a "DHCP (sp?) router".

    This router is great, it has it's own firewall (no virus' for months), and we both get high speed cable access. I can download/stream videos & music whilst he is on-line gaming! :thumb:

    but..... having just upgraded from win98 to winXP(pro), how do I set up my computer (or our computers) using this router to share the printer / scanner / files etc?

    Any help v much appreciated, but please explain using noob terminology :devil win

    thank you,


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    You get instant internet access but you cannot communicate with your computers via the network? Is that the question?
    - Damien


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      err, yes, nicely summarised.......


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        we have internet cable
        connects into com21 modem
        connects to router
        our two computers connect to the router

        (is that a network?)

        but I dont know how we can get the two computers to talk to each other through the router

        the guy in the shop said it could be done, but we have a language problem (Dutch/English/Tecchy/Noob!).....


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          This should help you out a bit, ;)


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            That article should do it...

            The procedure isn't hard at all...go to "My Network Places" on your desktop.

            Once you open your top left corner you will see on the one that says, "Setup a home or small office network".

            A wizardwill guide you through it and that isn't hard at all.

            Keep you WinXp CD handy you will need it when asked by windows to use it on all the computers on your network.

            Hope this helps and read the article that explains it a bit better, my post was just to give you an idea.
            - Damien


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              thanks guys ..... will give it a try.... bit scared about the wizard though.... tells me my set-up is not recommended....