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Could use some wireless networking suggestions

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  • Could use some wireless networking suggestions

    Right now I have a Dlink 614+ and Dlink DWL 520 non plus version and the DWL 640+ PCMCIA card. As of now Im about to tell dlink they can kiss my ****, they have the worst support ever. Every like 50 mins or so my Router drops both my wireless and my roommates wired connection for a split second. The router is in the hall and my PC using the 520 gets about a 50% signal str almost all the time, while my laptop I can plug in just next to my PC gets almost an 80% signal all the time. Any suggestions on a whole new set of wireless equipment? Or should I go out and get the DWL 520+ will that make any difference? Any suggestions, reviews would be great. Thanks

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    For the past year or so I have used the Orinoco RG1000 gateway with USB wireless clients. Never have a network connection issue and one of my pc's is on the other side of the house.

    I'm told Orinoco is expensive and the support isn't great...but their products have never failed me yet.


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      Anyone know anything about this.

      this siemens antenna? I can't find info on there website about it.


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        One word of advice with any antennas make sure what you are connecting it to has the correct connectors.

        for example The wireless PC cards from Orinoco, Cisco and SMC all have different antenna connectors. and many access points will only accept a certain type of connection and using any kind of adapter to bridge the different connections will cause signal loss.