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How I can change the configuration of exchange 2000 to don't

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  • How I can change the configuration of exchange 2000 to don't


    I got on Outlook this message:

    One or more rules could not be uploaded to Exchange server and have
    been deactiveated. This could be because some of the parameters are not supported
    or there is insufficient space to store all of your rules.

    any ideas?



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    Are you meaning to use message rules. If not, go to tools -> rules (i believe that's it, or a similar option) and turn them off

    If you are meaning to use rules. The only information I have for you is that there are client side rules and server side rules. It depends on what options you choose for it to be determined client or server side. It's either the way you made the rule, or the Excange server doesn't actually support the commands you're trying to use. In that case you may have an older exchange server and a newer Outlook or vice versa. I don't think it's the issue about storage constraints. I suggest that you see if you can create a rule to do what you want using different choices than you have.

    Hope that helps, Later