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  • No dial tone

    I have a netcomm 56k internal modem, and when the computer was built and configured it worked fine. It was working with no problems one night, then i went to connect the next morning, and didnt play with any settings at all (well not that i can think of) and now it makes no dial tone at all. The modem is still installed and evertyhing, just no dial tone.
    Anyone got any ideas as to why?

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    Got any animals or kids roaming around that may have taken out the cable? Was there a storm the night before? is the line that modem connected to working? When you go into the configuration can the port communicate with the modem?


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      there has been nothign or no one would have tampered with it what so ever. The modem is still there, like when i look through the comptuer and what ever, its just that it cant there is no dial tone at all.
      I just found it wierd that it was working,a nd the it wasnt, and the only thing i can put it down to is a hardware failure. Is there a certain way for me to check this out?


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        ya........but I don't know about your modem but my modem (when I had 56gay) it came with some modem diagnostic checker thingy. If the modem can be initialized but fails upon getting a dial toen then the modem should be fine. Its either the line or something else. Can you attach a phone to that jack to make sure that line is still live?


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          the phone line is fine, im using the exact phone like on this machine at the mment, and i also tried using the primary phone line as well just to double check :/

          i just cant see why for no aparent reason there is no dial tone, like it was working fine, and teh next day i went to use it, and there was nothing.


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            I don't have the slightest clue in that case. The only thing I would possibly think was wrong is that the modem got misconfigured or the line was broke either the jack the wall or the cable. Did you leave your PC on? Maybe a storm brewed in overnight and you slept through it and it took our your modem.