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network adapter conflict?

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  • network adapter conflict?

    I posted a similar thread elswhere but I didn't really post it where I should have. So....
    Here is the deal. I just installed A Creative labs Audigy mp3+ sound card with onboard IEEE 1394 adapter. As soon as I load the drivers for this card I loose my Adsl connection which runs through my netgear ethernet card. I have reinstalled all the drivers for both cards but nothing so far has resolved the issue. If I restore my comp back to a restore point prior to the installation, all is well. Yes I am running xp pro with an epox mb with onboard sound disabled Any Ideas?

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    I answered your other post. Just go to "Network Connections", "properties" for the firewire connection, and select "disable". That worked for me.


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      You should try moving your cards around in your PCI slots, sometimes when someting funky like that happens to me, if I move my cards around, it solves the problem.


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        Funny that you would say that. I have another thread opened on this topic and I think that the solution may just be the pci slot. I will try it tonight and see what happens. I read that a similar conflict could be resolved by placing the sound card in the fourth pci slot. I don't know if that is just particular to one mobo or wheather the forth slot is different regardless of mobo. I will try them all if I have too. I may just go out and buy another network card. they are very cheap. The sound card is by far the larger investment.
        Does anyone know if by connecting my adsl router to my computer through the Usb port will cure the problem. My connection is 1mb and my router can connect through the Usb. I think that USB can handle the traffic with out slowing down the connection. Right? or will the Usb act like a bottleneck and slow me down.


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          To the best of my knowledge USB can handle up to 11mb, so that shouldnt slow ya down if you have to go that way.


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            I figured it out. I had to Reformat and reload windows xp. I restored too many times and it became unstable. I decided to remove all pci devices and installed the Audigy card first then installed my ethernet card. It now works. I can cruise the internet once again. Thanx