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  • Must be doing something wrong

    I've got a wireless home network via the Lucent Orinoco Residential gateway and USB clients.

    The Gateway hooks into a broadband router and then to a cable modem. All three computers on the network run an Orinoco usb wireless network client.

    My main computer is an XP Pro box that is networked to an ME computer. That piece of the network works fine, we share printers and files as well as the cable internet.

    Last night I added a second XP computer to the network. It sees the internet just fine, which tells me it's getting to the gateway, router and cable modem. I am however not able to see any of the other computers on the network.

    I can ping them, I can tracert them and I can net view them. They all have their IP addresses assigned by the DHCP. The ip addy's are on all three comps. All are on the same MSHOME network and their names are correct...

    Any idea why I can't see the other network computers from the second XP box?

    All help greatly appreciated.

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    I had a similar prob not long ago. Does the 2nd XP machine have a logon screen when you boot it up? If it doesn't then this maybe the problem and can be fixed by making an account for that PC as a user and logon into it and that should fix it. ;)

    If it's not that then someone else may have an answer. :smokin:


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      Thanks for the response. The second machine does not have a log in screen. I'll give it a try and see what happens..

      Thanks Again!


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        Ok, how strange is this..

        I haven't had time to try your fix and create a user account on the second XP box. But today I went in and just typed the \\ip address of my main computer and dang if it didn't show up.

        I then did the same thing on my main XP computer and was able to access the second box.

        I then moved files from main to the second and then checked the file permissions. The file owner is seen as Guest on the second computer.

        Guess I need to make a guest account heh?

        But why would it seen the computers with their respective IP addresses and NOT their Net Bios name?

        Very odd to this networking newbie.


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          It's probably because of the login not being there that the connection is not fully made, I could find the other PC's but couldn't browse them till I added an account for the PC. :smokin:


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            I can browse all of it from both machines. It even tells me the netbios name of the computers. It just won't recognize the net bios name if I try to find it in network neighborhood.

            It's only recognizing the computer via tcp/ip and when I browse one comp from the other it shows up as being on the internet. I've been able to map a network drive and everything.

            In network neighborhood it lists the shares in the same place as MSN internet.

            I'll eventually fix it, but I find it interesting the way it's working now.