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  • At&t

    Any AT&T customers who might be interested :confused:

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    Sort of a "diet" version of broadband isn't it? And caffine free too I'll bet. And I liked the following quote:

    "SelectLink customers will have around-the-clock access to online technical-support services, including a technician chat service. But help via telephone be available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, and there will be no telephone help available on Sunday."

    Telephone tech support only available when most people aren't home. And online support is really great if you can't connect.

    And since when is "always on" a better benifit than speed? Where are these guys from, Mars?


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      I don't think it's a good idea, but I know what they're trying to do. As most US telephone comanies that provide DSL are, they're going for "choices". Maybe that's just another word for charging more for the same speed. That's why i don't like it. Say I get DSL or Cable now, and it is $49.95 per month. That gives me the capability to have 1.5 Megabit period. 49.95 per month for cable 1.5 Megabit.

      Say I get DSL or Cable now, after they introduce these tiers. Now $49.95 gets me 384 Kilobit, and now 1.5 Megabit is $275.00. I feel like I'm getting robbed.

      Maybe this is just a rant, because this is happening with my DSL provider. My telephone company is a monopoly, there's no CLEC. I get DSL from them or no DSL at all. And they use these Tiers. So I'm at 384 at 49.95, when I could have 1.5 Megabit if they would just let a CLEC like Covad in. I would have gotten cable, but I didn't have a credit card, and for some reason that's the only payment the cable provider would take.


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        75Kbits? Thats only a little faster then a 56gay modem. What's going on here? I truthfully don't think they gonna mek it out of there "trial" version. It'll fail and disappear. As for cable.......Isn't it 8Mbits?


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          Every cable provider I know of in the US, Charter, Time Warner, AT&T Advertise 1.5 Megabit. But they rarely actually cap it at that, so you have the capability to go much higher. I've seen some people getting 5 Megabit.



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            oh. yipes, I heard somewhere that they provide 8megabit for the whole neighborhood. And of course if no one else is on you get REALLY FAST SPEEDS. Of course I have DSL so I wouldn't know. But I do know that my friend has AT&T and at DSL reports he's at 2 megabit at times. The slowest I've ever seen his at is 1.4. As for me I'm at like 960K. :(