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  • Heeeeeeelllp

    :devil: :devil: :devil:

    OK. I'll admit it. I'm 35 years old and still live at home - more $$ for parts then ;)

    my problem is this:

    four networked machines with one acting as gateway through windows Internet Connection Sharing. Zone alarm for a firewall.
    I'm NOT the gateway, but I'm having problems with setting up an FTP server. Had a Linksys router and it was working fine then........but my father thought he would be cool and flash the firmware. No more router and back to gateway.

    Anyone know how to set up ICS for an FTP server to run on it?
    I'm sure it has something to do with the bindings, but I don't know what. This seems to be a network address translation problem to me. Since windows ICS can't determine that the request is for me, it treats it as unsolicited and denies connection.

    Thanks in advance for any help!!!!!


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    I don't think you can port forward/map in ICS :\
    TweakTown [email protected] Team


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      I'd have to agree with Andy on that one. You need the ability to forward port 21 to whatever machine that'll be running the FTP server. You're gonna need a more robust connection sharing software package. Windows ICS just doesn't have it. A hardware solution such as the router you had would be best, but maybe look into wingate or winproxy. I'm sure someone's gonna suggest IPCop or Smoothwall, those are also other alternatives.



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        so if I use a proxy on the gateway can I run just my server from the proxy without any changes to the rest of the LAN?

        Keep ICS on so that every machine can still access whatever online services they desire and just run the FTP server off it ?

        do I need to use other protocols on the proxy? or just set my firewall to allow access for the proxy and server?

        thanks so much everyone!! I almost have it worked out now!!!!


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          Your internal networking would remain the same, as well as the internet connection. It's just the sharing part, Instead of ICS you would use wingate or whatever.


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            can I use both ICS and a proxy server though?


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              I suppose a proxy installed on the gateway might work. It's gonna have to be able to forward port 21.


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                thanks man!!!!! I'll give it a try and let you know.