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Best LAN Crawling Software??

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  • Best LAN Crawling Software??

    Best Lan Crawling Software.

    I was wondering if anybody has any good LAN crawling programs. I have tried probalby ten or so, ans so far I have only found two that are pretty good.

    My Favorite, by far is MP3 Voyeur. This is available at:

    It is very basic and very easy to use, but it dosent have an option to exclude workgroups on your network. It is also free which is nice.

    One I just recentlly tried is called LanHunter. It is shareware and they want you to pay for it. It has lots of great options, but it seems to be alot slower and in general it is tricky, and somewhat unrelibale.



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    there's a program called Direct Connect, which is basically a P2P program like kazaa, etc... It's very handy for lans.


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      Mingus, are you trying to crawl LANs like LAN parties, or are you looking to crawl all over a network that a college would have? I think that I remember you saying that you were in school. I have also used MP3 voyeur and haven't found anything better.


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        Yeah, I am talking about LAN crawling software that goes through network neighborhood and lists all of the files which are shared and not password protected on all the computers on a network, for when i am visiting my buddies at the dorms.