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Need an answer tonight please.

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  • Need an answer tonight please.

    Hey I'm off back to uni tomorrow and in my house i want to have an adsl line installed the only one available is bt openworld.

    If anyone has it could u tell me how much it cost you?
    should i do the self install one or the one where bt does everything?

    If I do the self installation what exactly must I buy and how do i go about setting the thing up?

    Also any additional information you can provide would be a great help.

    I emailed bt about this but they havent got back to me so i thought i could get what i needed here.

    thanks for any responses they r appreciated.

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    In America where I'm at it costs me $49.99 USD. I would say if the professional install (the one where bt comes out) is available and not prohibitively expensive, go with that. They'll confirm that it's provisioned and working correctly before they leave. You'll have less a chance of a provisioning nightmare that way. If that option's expensive though, go with the self install. They'll still provision the line like they should, but they won't come to your location. Plus they should ship you a modem that's compatible with their service. If they don't provide the modem, I'm guessing you'll have to buy one that is compatible with their service. I can't imagine any DSL provider wouldn't ship you a modem. And of course you'll have to somehow to connect it to the computer. Some modems have the options for USB or Ethernet. If you've got USB ports or an Ethernet card in your computer, go with Ethernet. You don't have to install drivers, and I've found them to be more reliable. Plus if you choose to add a router and a network, it'll work. USB, you can't do that.



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      Originally posted by FA-MAS
      Plus if you choose to add a router and a network, it'll work. USB, you can't do that.

      Actually, you can. I found a router a while back that was for a USB modem. It was incredibly expensive and the only company that made them was in England. But... if you REALLY needed one, they are out there. Definitely, not a first choice.

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        As long as you have a BT telephone line you can get an ADSL servise from any ISP provising ADSL broadband - you don't HAVE to go wit BTOpenworld

        Pipes Nildran F9/Plusnet to name but 3

        Coat I know for Plusnet starts from about 20pcm for Self install plus cost of USB modem and activation or they do a package : peace2:


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          I had the self install but an engineer came anyway to test the line etc. It was a piece of cake and the actual installation was so user friendly.
          I've had it for a few months now and wouldn't swap any of it. Really fast downloads and so forth, on all day and you still use the phonw.
          I pay 29-99 GBP a month BUT I gave us the second line, came off all the bells and whistles and in fact I break about even from the 13-99 GBP with a 2 hours cut off and two quuarterly line rentals.
          If you can afford it, do it and do it now. Doc Reading England


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            Any form of broadband is preferable to dailup if you can get it and afford it, in fact it actually costs me less on broadband than dialup by the time the extra line costs were added with the ISP charges I wound up saving nearly $20 p/m and gettin' a very much faster service. ;)