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    OK, this is kind of strange to me. I got 2 computers running on my network right now. One is an old 200 machine running 98SE (Machine A) and the other is a 750 athlon running XP (Machine B). Both are running netgear 310 NICs and i got a 5 port hub thats connecting them.
    When I use my Machine B to take files of Machine A, its going w/o problems, but if i send files from A to B, i seem to get a lot of collisions? The light is blinking very fast, almost always on, but the transfer goes through OK. Is this normal?
    Also i noticed when i connect with the Machine A to the internet, and than i try using the Machine B to take a file from A it will disconnect.
    Is this because 98 sucks or is there another reason?

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    About your first question about collisions. I wouldn't worry about it as long as your transfers are going through. But, as you add more machines, it's gonna get worse. You said you had a hub. It'd be better if you had a switch, they manage the packets so they don't collide as much.

    About the second question, when you connect machine A to the internet, is it through a DSL or a Cable connection?

    Take a look at this thread:
    Specifically take a look at the diaghram that Wiggo posted (those look familiar). Tell me if you're cables are hooked up like the top or bottom image. But assume that where it says Hub/Switch and Gateway, that they both just say hub.