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Phew! finally out of slowville

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  • Phew! finally out of slowville

    for the last 3 days i've been getting the net at 28.8k speeds thanks to Optus's 3 gig cap and now i'm finally out of it :D
    TweakTown [email protected] Team

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    I went to the wire at 11.47pm iwas at 2997mb.
    thankfully it isnt like telstra cos they count the uploads as well as the downloads.
    I think we should all complain and get it up to at least 4 gig.
    when it was open and big brother was on you could download a gig in a day and still only push your usage upto 6 on the graph.:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


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      3 Gig... per month? :eek:

      Even in a small local town of 20,000 people, we have 2 MBit cable connections that cost 27$ per month (54$ per month AUD)

      And they have unlimited bandwidth! During a 12 hour Lan party at a buddy's it is not uncommon for me to snag 6 GB+ off his connection. In 12 hours over his 2MBit connection he could get 10.8 GB!! but I simply can't click fast enough to keep the connection maxed out, so all I get is 4-6 GB :(

      Did I mention that for 27$ a month you also get basic Cable TV? :eek:


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        Yeah zeradul, I haven't encountered anyone here in the USA that has anything but unlimited use - I know other plans exist, but you never encounter those people on budget plans online:?:

        Seems to be a common practice in Australia to place bandwidth limitations from what I've heard here in the forum - seems strange to me too:eek:
        The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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          :flames: :flames: :flames: :flames:

          here in the colonies we are thankful that we get it at all.
          It seems here that colusion between the companies to fix prices at an unreasonable level is acceptable for our govt.
          so much for the open competition!!!!!!!!!! :flames:


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            oh and to use 10gb a month is about $250- $300 aud.


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              Well I got thru 94% of the 3GB for the month. ;)

              Actually for some of us here in Australia the cap is new for us just having survived the first month of it. :(


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                Originally posted by ferrol
                oh and to use 10gb a month is about 0- 0 aud.
                I'm on a 10GB ADSL plan, and while it's not as quick as cable, it's still a good connection, and that's only $110 (regional user.. metro user is cheaper.. :( )


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                  I have a friend at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and their campus and dorms are connected to an OC-48, which means roughly 310 Megabytes per second, 24/7/365. No restrictions, no limits, no caps. He pings under 20ms to nearly every quake server in the US. :eek: