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Molds NAKs?

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  • Molds NAKs?

    In the results of my molds test i have 40 Link NAKs in 1 test & 28 in the other
    does anyone know what tyis term means?
    o/s 98se & sloooooow dialup


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    I havn't got a clue. :confused:


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      Ya Wiggo must be some Hel$tra acronyn
      its not listed in the acronym finder either.

      Does anyone know where you can get an explination of a molds report
      . ...........Hel$TRA


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        You have AK and NAK's. AK is Acknowledged and NAK is Not-Acknowledged. You have 2 types tho. Stream and Non-Stream. So You have 4 you have Non-Stream AK and NAK and have Stream AK and NAKs. Where is this test you are running to see this information though?

        edit: I've only run into these terms when disgnosing a satellite internet connection. But they are also there on dialup, DSL, Cable, whatever.

        another edit: Ok, i gathered that Hel$TRA is an ISP. From what it appears, alot of ppl don't like them. So this molds is a test that you have to call them for? From what I can see, that seems to be the case. My question is, why don't they tech the connection like a normal ISP should? Instead they run this test, tell you what you've got, and offer no solution to fix it?

        Oh, and if you're getting alot of NAKs, your connection should be slow. As the TCP/IP stack on you machine is forced to resend packets. That's an advantage of using TCP/IP, it's connection oriented. It makes sure the packets get there and resends them if necessary. Unlike UDP, which only sends them and doesn't care if they get there.



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          Thx for the info.
          Telstra=Hel$TRA =Tel$tra .ect,ect,ect,
          Telstra is the govt. owned communication provider for all of Australia........ own's all the o/h lines,most of the cables ect.
          They are also a major... ISP...
          BIG POND is the name of Telstra's.... ISP
          There are other ISP'S but all rual dial up's have to go through
          Telstra's lines.
          I have 8 kilometers (5 miles) of copper to get to the exchange
          In the cities other companies, Optus is 1 that have cables
          in Melboubne ( capital of the state of Victoria )
          Other cities & major rual towns i'm not sure of.

          When this MOLDS (modem on-line diagnostic system) test is carried out it is from your sig--> modem--> there lines-->test centre.
          it only tests lines does not go through any ISP.
          This test is carried out by Hel$tra (Telstra corp.) tech's. ( location could anywhere in, another state ect. ) they TECH'S dont even like you keeping a copy of the test
          Under charter Hel$RTA must provide lines= to 19.2 k's DIG DEAL

          We have large area's & small populations. A few rual cities of 200,000 & 100,000 then most of the other towns are between 5,000 & 20,000 pop.

          The govt. is considering privatising Hel$TRA.... then we in the country will get even worse service ........if that is possible.......
          I hope this gives you a bit of a insite to Australia's sloooooow
          rual dial up
          Thx again for the info.....i just wish i could find out what all the other stuff in the testr means?


          :shoot3: :shoot3:


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            Yeah, i did some searching and found out what that MOLDS test is. I know now that it is modem on-line diagnostic system. That's exactly like the AKs/NAKs test that I run on the satellite calls that I get.

            The internet situation here in the US is a little different. Not a whole lot though. Basically, the lines are owned by their respective owners, and the goverment is essentially forcing them to share the lines to competing companies. The situation I have seen is pretty close. A company named Hughs (the pioneers of satellite internet access, as well as other telecommunications) own the satellites. They install the dish, they point it at the right transponder on the satellite, they make sure it can see the NOC. That's where the AKs/NAKs come in.

            Basically, if you have Non-Stream NAKs, the computer os not speaking to the transmitter unit. If you have Non-Stream AKs, it is speaking to the transmitter.

            If you have Stream NAKs, the NOC isn't revieving anythng from the user's transmitter. It could be that the transmit unit is broken, or the dish is not cross polled correctly (pointing at the right transponder). If you have Stream NAKs, the NOC is revieving from the transmit unit. So the dish is fine, and is cross polled correctly.

            Also, if it is not cross polled correclty, they shut you down. It's an FCC violation. No warning, you're ust off.


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              I'm on dial up slooooow atm 14 to 26 kbps with 20% to 40%..... re-send

              1 way satellite

              here with Hel$TRA BigPond is $76-50 per month up to 400kbps
              1 gig d/load. 18 mth. contract +set up costs=$328-90 hardware+ $324-50installation=$653-40

              self installationall up $$437-80 nooooooooot cheap here

              64kbps $70-95 unlimited d/l.


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                All I can say is wow. These prices are not USD right? It sounds like you guys really get jacked, what with the higher prices and download caps. I mean, i could download a gig in a day on a satellite connection here. But if I had service with Telestra, I would get charged for the extra download right?

                I'll see what I can do about taking over Australia and fix that for you. J/k, i don't have the resources.



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                  Prices......A$..=..About $0.52 OR $0. 53= us$
                  dial up 56k here 24-95 mth. u. d/l

                  in the country if you are on old lines & a few kilometers from the exchange......... to get better speed u have to in some cases reduce your speed to V34
                  my modem is locked down to 24600.... IAM WAITING FOR Hel$TRA
                  TO CALL ME ATM
                  re:my connection speed
                  my line is not that bad but poor speeds.
                  my line .....SQ=009...........LL025
                  MUST BE THE EXCHANGE?