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  • ADSL with networks

    Im having trouble with my Telstra ADSL modem (1port)
    I've got 3 computers and i wanna connect them together and have the internet access
    I've got a switch and the modem is connected to it, but i can't access the modem!

    i rang telstra but they got no support for this. so u guys are my last chance

    PLZ HLP!!:confused: :confused:

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    your modem needs to be connected to some sort of router, either a purchased one or a computer setup as one(this is what connection sharing under xp does), then the router can be plugged into the switch and all other pc's can hang of the switch


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      You'll need the modem to connect directly to a PC or router/gateway to share the connection. The PC with two network cards and a sharing program or just a router/gateway (which incorperates a switch). Windows from 98SE onwards comes with a sharing program. ;)
      Here are some diagrams.
      <center><img src="">
      <img src="">


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        <a href="" target="_blank">Check here</a>

        That's the router I got for my home network. Basically plug your modem in one side, computers in the other. IT connects to the net, and all the computers then go through that for access. Very handy.


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          or if u have a spare p166/ k6-300 or somefin lying around, make a smoothwall box -


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            or an IPcop box :)

            At the request of wiggo ;)


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              yer i just came across ipcop :P

              it seems that ipcop will be making a clone of smoothwall corporate that is free to all... hrmm