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  • Swann.....chip?

    I have a swann speed demon modem
    & am trying to find out what chip they have
    and there performance

    model E210


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    Look here:
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd


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      There are a couple of models depending on whether it is a blue or red one.
      Here's a link to the Swann product page:


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        Visited swann
        solid red case of modem = rockwell .....i havent seen any of these

        Translucent case grey $ RED = ambient chipset

        WHAT is the diffrence in preformance between a ambient chip set compared to rockwell
        Clever packaging i thought i was getting the rockwell :(


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          The rockwell ones were the early models, they changed to ambient chips with the translucent red and then the blue/grey. I don't think there's any real performance difference. Swann have apparently optimised the firmware if the Speed Demon for Internet use, which makes them run well on the net but I have had major issues running them modem to modem like PC Anywhere.


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            is ambient a fancy way of saying generic
            "ambient" how do you relate this term to a modem chip?
            can i upgrade my firmware as my modem is a few years old
            and no CD ect. came with mine


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              Ambient Technologies is a spin-off of Intel Corporation.

              My friend has a Swann NetSlider II with an Ambient chipset, and it connects very nicely to his ISP (PowerUp) at 49,333bps. Unfortunately, no amount of tweaking could coax this modem to work with OptusNet. The modem did the usual handshaking sequence, tried v.90, then v.34 etc, but failed to connect on all the times I tried. Could it be something to do with the Cisco equipment that Optus use? :?:

              From what I can gather, the Ambient chips these days use no firmware - similar to the Conexant HCF modems, that are hardware based but the firmware is resident in memory instead of burned in ROM.

              Oh - and it would be very unlikely you would get a Rockwell branded modem these days - they changed their modem division's name to Conexant about 3 years ago :)
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                thankx Albinus

                yes my Speed Demon tries hard but poor line quality & 7 k's
                from the exchange
                modem 14k to 17kbps average
                throughput 1750 to 1950Bps av. so sloooooooow

                i have had my modem a long time
                i thought i was purchasing the Rockwell chip
                [SOLID RED= Rockwell TRANSLUCENT RED= ambient
                just looked solid reb on the box
                clever marketing dosnt always pay off
                i will be purchasing another modem but
                it Wont be a SWANN even though i am satisfied with it performance per $

                :shoot3: Hel$rtas lines & noisey exchange floors :mad:


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                  It just may pay ya to invest in a WOOMERA then. ;)


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                    :D :D Yes i was all set to lay out the Big $$ for a
                    Woomera & the vendor said he had been getting similar
                    results with the Xtreama $120 v $280 & he had both in stock.
                    Had mad up my mind, now i gotta check out Xtreama



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                      I havn't heard of that one but then with the introduction of broadband here the reviewing of dailup modems seems to have ceased which is a bit of a shame as a lot of ppl are still restricted to dailup connections. :smokin:


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                        pdv, how far are you from your phone exchange (in kilometres obviously)? I should be able to figure out a rough guide as to what connection speed you should expect. One of my friends who lives about 16KM out of Boonah gets 19,200bps with his Diamond Supra Express, replaced it with a Maestro Woomera and it connects at 33,600bps, with far fewer dropouts. That ain't a bad speed boost - if time is important to you plunk down the $$$ for a Woomera - they rock on noisy lines :thumb:
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                          I am 7.5 k's from the exchange


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                            7.5KM? You should be getting in the vicinity of just under 28,800bps without resorting to a Woomera modem - methinks that Tel$tra has pairgained your line with your neighbour (quite common in regional areas to save rolling out copper) - a pairgained line at 7.5KM would net about 16Kbps by my calculations, which seems what you are getting now.

                            Is your phone line running near an electric fence? These are a major killer of data in the bush. Anyway here's the Australian government's site on dialup speeds and tips on improving speed and reliability:


                            They aim for you to acheive 19.2Kbps... what a joke (thanks to Telstra's crummy lines in your area)
                            What came first - Insanity or Society?