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Is it possible to have a web/ftp server while under a Win32

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  • Is it possible to have a web/ftp server while under a Win32

    The subjects tells all..

    Is it possible to have a Linux web/ftp server while under a Win32 gateway with a single IP?

    I had my linux server setup as a web/ftp/router. Since I am a total Noob to linux/apache. I would rather have it under my windows xp gateway so when I hose linux I would not loose my internet connection to the rest of my network?

    Is this what IP routing is? If so, could someone explain on how to set this up ....or point me in the way of a how-to in Newbie terms?

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    all you have to do on your XP comp is map port 21 (ftp) and 80 (www) to your linux machine

    EDIT: also, what program are you using to share the connection?
    TweakTown [email protected] Team


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      hehe...this is the first for me. How would I g about mapping the ports?


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        just ICS...will this work?


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          Someone is telling me this setup will not work....

          What do you think?


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            hmm...wonder if this will work


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              that setup will work, i assume the linksys thing is a hub or a switch and NOT a router?

              hmm... i don't know how to do it in ICS, but in most otehr sonnection sharing software, there should be an option for port mapping or forwarding, then all you have to do is tell it which port you want to map (in this case port 21 and 80), and the IP of the machine that wants the traffic from the port (in this case you linux machine)

              oh, also make sure you are running firewall software on your winXP machine if it is directly connected to your cable modem
              TweakTown [email protected] Team