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Opening ports for clients when using XP ICS

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  • Opening ports for clients when using XP ICS

    Hello ppls.

    I'm currently sharing my cable internet connection using Win XP Pro Internet Connections Sharing (ICS).

    All systems are running XP Pro. The server has two NIC's in it. File sharing and LAN games work a treat.

    The problem is that due to the NAT firewall I can no longer run servers/receive data that I did not specifically request via the internet anymore. Web browsing and Internet Mail works hassle free of course.

    How do I open ports on the server so that i can host servers/use the DCC function mIRC ect..

    When choosing PROPERTIES on the ICS network card and then choosing the ADVANCED tab then SETTINGS, I find a menu that looks like it would do the trick IF i knew how to configure it correctly.

    The problem is that I donít know how to configure the ports. I know I have to enter internal and external ports for the programs i want to run, but Iím unsure of how to find the correct internal/external ports, or what IP to enter.

    Basically I have no idea what to do!

    Any help would be appreciated.



    PS sorry for posting twice, but i did not see this forum when i posted in the other!

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    If ya don't get an answer to this soon I'll move ya into the XP forum to see if that helps ya. :smokin:


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      as far as i know XP's ICS doesn't block anything. It just monitors traffic and if it finds something bad, it'll then block it. Well if you know how to open ports via that Advanced tab or something, where it asks for internal and external ports. All you have to do is find out which program runs on which port. Both the internal and external ports for the program will be set the same AFAIK, because then for internal ports you start getting into something different where the local program runs on a different port, but when it sends the info to the local network server, the server attaches to the packet which port to enter thru the program's server with...well all we want to do is find out which program runs on what port and set both the internal and external ports to this port.

      Download a program called Active Ports. It shows you what programs run on what ports. It has a row for Local port and one for Remote Port. Usually they are both the same but occasionally they are different for certain programs. Just configure your XP firewall settings to the details that this program gives to you.

      Or to be even safer I'd download a 3rd party firewall (I recommend Tiny's Personal Firewall) because I don't really trust the XP's one all that much.

      Anyway, whichever way you decide to go I'm hoping I've helped and not confused you too much :)

      Btw, if you can't find a copy of that program PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send it to ya.
      At the request of wiggo ;)


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        mucho gracias Reaper,

        i'll try all you suggested and see how it goes.

        i just downloaded active ports then......

        thanks again,


        PS. don't fear the reaper :D


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          sounds like you want to do port forwarding

          if u want direct connections to PCs behind a firewall, you will need to setup port forwarding, not just pass-thru support. the only problem with port forwarding is that only 1 PC behind the firewall can have that port forwarded to them...

          not sure about DCC transfers but I just give up on them, i can receive DCCs fine thru my firewall, but sending is a no-go

          so, port allowances are fine for services that you wish to connect to, but u will need forwarding if you want to host the service yourself.

          if that facility isnt in WinXP-ICS, then try this little app call AnalogX PortMapper, it works great and is free -

          again, all you'll needa know is what port services are running on, and that app grim told you about should tell ya wot u needa know