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dlink and the 'renew'

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  • dlink and the 'renew'

    :) Hi there, I have a question for the ones that have broadband I have a router Dlink 704 for my lan at home, when I look at the log I see a lot of 'DHCP.. renew' messages about every 4 hrs. or so, ok now is this 'renew' thing is to renew my conection?, if it is, is my router doing it or my isp, some times I'm downloading big files and get disconnected because of this. Any help would be appreciated.


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    DHCP is a little service that will give an IP address and network details to any devices searching the network for it. It doesn't actually have anything to do with disconnecting / reconnecting your connection.. :)


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      You can get a program called download accellerator plus from It is a great little program that lets you resume any transfer, no matter how many times you get disconnected. It also connects to multiple mirrors and does its best to download the item as fast as possible.


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        I can vouch for download accellerator. Considering I'm still on dial-up it nearly doubles my normal d/l speed. I disconnect after 4 hours so the resume in it is a good option for me.