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  • Networking with DSL

    I'm getting DSL!!!!!! Problem is, how do you network with a Single NIC and a simple hub?(NETGEAR EN104 Hub, SpeedStream 5360 DSL Modem). The hub ports sayy 1, 2, 3, and a "Uplink" 4, the modem has an RJ-11 in, RJ-45 out. What cables go where? :confused: :confused:

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    If you only want to hook up 1 PC to DSL, then you simply plug your phoneline into the RJ-11, run a CAT-5 cable from the RJ-45 on the modem to your NIC in your PC.

    However, if you are wanting to hook up more than one computer, then you'll need to either invest in another network card, or possibly even a router.. but that's for later on...


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      Look in this thread:

      There we've got a guy with a similar issue. Basically the way you are wanting to do it won't work correclty. Either way you need a router, you can but one for $99-$150USD or you can set it up like in that thread and all you have to have is a second NIC for the main machine.


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        FA-MAS. If you check again, he doesn't really mention if there is a second computer, so it could be he's just having trouble with setting up the one. I was going to say the same thing as you, until I re-read it... :)


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          Beefy is right. Although you shouldn't need the hub if you're hooking up just one. Anyway, if you're just trying to attach one computer via the DSL connection. Lets start at the wall jack. To make it simple lets leave microfilters and splitters out for the moment.

          Plug a regular phone into the wall jack. You DO NOT need a filter here. Plug the other end of that phone cord into the modem.

          Obviously the AC plug goes into a wall jack, and the other end goes to the modem.

          At this point we'll bring in the filters. On every other jack that is going to have something plugged into it, that has the same phone # as the one your DSL is setup on put a filter. Then plug the phone cords into those and run them to whatever device they were originally hooked to. Also, if you don't have enough filters. It would be best if you could leave the devices you were unable to filter unplugged. Untill you have more filters.

          At this point when you turn the DSL modem on, the Power light should be solid, the DSL light should flash and then become solid. The DSL light should be solid no later than 5 minutes after you turn the modem on.

          If the DSL light is solid, you modem is sync'd with your port on the DSLAM and you should be good. If not, call your ISP have them help you with that troubleshooting. Also you wanna contact them to make sure your line is completed.

          Once that DSL light is sold, all you gotta do is plug one end of the etherent cable into the modem and the other end into the computer. The ENET light should be solid. It may not be solid untill the computer is on.

          At this point all you need to do is either open a browser (if your provider is an "always on" connection) or install a PPPoE client such as WinPoet or Enternet and use that to connect.