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Lucent Venus chipset... any good?

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  • Lucent Venus chipset... any good?

    Hi Guys,

    After my mother wanted her Conexant HCF modem back, I went out and bought an AOpen FM-EA modem, which is based on a Lucent (Agere Systems now I believe) Venus chipset. Whilst it connects well and holds the connection (even when the phone is accidentally picked up downstairs), the connection speed is only 46,667bps. The Conexant HCF modems in the house connect at 49,333bps, and the x2-based modem connects at 53,333bps :eek:

    I'm probably being a whinger here, but the modem does actually seem a little slower when browsing/downloading... is this normal for the Venus chipset? I was going to get another Conexant HCF but you can't reliably use that under most forms of Linux...

    I'm currently downloading around 0.7KB/sec slower, about 4.5KB/sec instead of the 5.2KB/sec I'm used to. Does anyone have any ideas on how to tweak this chipset? :?:
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