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Spy cookies-how to stop them?

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  • Spy cookies-how to stop them?

    Ad-Aware detects spy-cookies on my computer after every Internet connection.
    The cookies are: doubleclick.txt
    I have Firewall and Antivirus protection.
    Does any one know how to stop this?

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    just run ad-aware occasionally... it's the only way really to get rid of those two. I haven't tried, but you could also make the cookie file blank, then make it read only, so they can't change the contents.. but i dunno if that would work.


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      Man I wish the old forum was around, we had all this stuff worked out to the last little detail in one of those threads.
      :D No point in whining though.

      In Internet Explorer options, click the security tab.
      Select the "Restricted sites" icon.
      Click the "Sites" button.
      In the box under "Add this Web site to the zone:" type in the domain that offends you beginning with an asterisk.

      Like this; *

      Then click the "Add" button.

      After you have your list done, click "OK" then click "Apply".

      Using the asterisk acts as a typical wildcard character and acts to include all content from this domain.
      You can add as many as you like, and add to the list as more crop up as you surf. A bit of sifting through your cookies every so often will usually give you a few more to add to your list no doubt.

      To make sure you have maximum protection from these offensive critters, click the "Custom Level" button, and disable ling - ding - and every darn thing for this security level.
      After doing so, click "OK" and then "Apply"

      Once you've put the domain in the list, your machine won't accept cookies from them anymore, ever. Stops 'em dead.

      I'm not familiar with the XP registry, so if after making the changes search your registry for The key you find should also have an entry for the other domains you restricted.
      That's the key you want to back up, after a re-install, you can just merge the reg file and all those will be back in place just like you had them before.

      It's a bit labor intensive at first and requres some maintenance, but I have found no truly better way of dealing with bothersome cookies.
      Good luck to you!
      The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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        I added these cookies in the Restricted sites before, but they seems to come through anyway.
        I will check the registry and disable the posts in Custom settings.
        Thanks a lot.


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          It's not uncommon for troublesome cookie types to use both the .com and .net domains, I know doubleclick for certain does so you will have to enter both seperately.




          Just use Quickview on a cookie file to see where it came from.
          The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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            I orefer the 'ol Cluster bomb in the HQ of ad providers and their nasty spying cookie generating factories.

            but....that isnt for everyone.


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              Good solution BZ!
              I just prefer to annoy the hec out of them, all those page loads and not 1 of their little treats is acepted. MWAHAAHA
              You just know they hate that:thumb:
              The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                It's the way to go as MR.C said and just run Ad-Aware now and again to find any new ones so if ya do find any new ones just add them to the Restricted Site list as well. Works for me to stop Doubleclick, Valueclick and Sextracker cookies when lookin' at pr0n sites or the kids go into their Kids sites which have the 1st two as well. ;)


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                  theres a free program called cookie wall which can block cookies


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                    Thank you all for usefull info.