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  • Modem BIG PROBLEM!!! :S

    I have a so called.... Sonic Blue SUP2380 Modem / Conextet thing HCF 56k modem / Rockwell modem

    or... so my cpu says...

    Anyways it works gr8 on win 98 and 2000 now when on windows xp pro.... it wont dial but until like 12 secounds later it goes.... DA DA DA DA DER DER DER DER..... and goes silent again..

    I have tried drivers.... and other sutff... changing com ports any ideas?!


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    So, it's dialing but not handshaking? You know handshaking is the screeching noise you hear. Or is the noise you describe as DA DA DA DER DER DER DER, the modem picking and you just hearing the dial tone?

    If that's not the dial tone, is it dialing all the numbers. If it's not, make sure it is dialing correctly. You know, the area code if you need it, remove it if you don't.

    You've already tried different drivers. Maybe try different access numbers.

    Also try the inits for your modem that I put in this thread, about half the way down.



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      yeah but slightly different it waits like 10 secouinds before dialling and doesnt handshake... any idea still...? It works sweet on windows 00 and windows 98/se but not on windows xp.... anyone know why damn microsoft made windows xp so strenuous...



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        If you wait long enough, does it give you an error number? Maybe Error 678 or 629? That would help me out.



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          Conexant HCF Modems need to have the correct country set under the modem settings. I'm not sure if you're aware FA-MAS, but Australia/UK and U.S.A./Canada use completely different dial tones, ring tones, and engaged tones.

          I found this out the hard way when I placed my AOpen FM56-PM modem in my system. It kept saying "No dial tone detected". It was only after the default country was set to "Australia" that it detected a dial tone.

          As for your problem Sammy, try this link on Conexant's site:

          Download the generic drivers for a HCF modem off their site, and see how that goes. The ones with Windows XP are crap IMHO, and this little page has helped almost all of my friends at college with a HCF or HSF modem and Windows XP :)

          Oh - and good luck :wave:
          What came first - Insanity or Society?


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            No, I wans't aware that those other countries have different dial tones, ring tones, and engaged tones.

            I do know that I have spoken to people in Canada dialing into one of my companies POPs in Canada, and It didn't sound different to me.

            But again, i've never been to those countries and used a phone.

            Still, if you wait long enough, it will give an error. That would help.