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my wierd internal modem

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  • my wierd internal modem

    hi all, i have an internal lucent modem...not really sure if its software or
    hardware...although i get quite nice pings when gaming...160-180...

    it has a strange charecteristic that has bugged me for ages...when i connect to my isp, after it has connected, it won't d/l or upload any data for several minutes...but after this it works perfectly fine...but when i use my old imac with the same isp and works straightaway...

    also even more strange, when i treid switching isp, the internal modem was actually working normally...but as soon as i switched back it did it again..

    so basically my imac will happliy work with both but my pc doesn;t like one of them....y the hell is this? btw i'm running winxp and i got drivers installed etc:cheers:

    also, i know this in the wrong section of the forum, but do internal modems often hold bak fsb o/c? bcos my asus A7V266E doesn't like going past 146-147 fsb....after this i get crashes and software errors in prime 95

    omg this is it's not even stable at 147fsb...and i swear it was like a few days maybe my mobo or psu is dyeing?

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    Nic's and internal modems are the usually the main prob when the PCI bus is overclocked. Other ones will too but these two seem to always be the ones that fall over 1st. :smokin:


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      yea... although i thought even cheap nic usually don;t get probs till 150fsb plus...

      omg this is it's not even stable at 147fsb...and i swear it was like a few days maybe my mobo or psu is dyeing?


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        Many software modems connect very aggressively to ISPs, I'm sure FA-MAS can enlighten you to those problems. When a modem connects too aggressively, it can take several minutes "retraining" to a slower speed that supports error-free data transmission. When aggressive modems are muzzled with initialisation strings, they tend to start sending/receiving data straightaway.

        I think you will find this is your problem.
        What came first - Insanity or Society?


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          ok kool i inderstand....but what the hell si FA-MAS ?:cheers:


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            This is FA-MAS. ;)


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              I am a FA-MAS. Indeed, Albinus has the right idea. My question is, does it take several minutes to connect. If so, what part does it hang on.

              Or does it connect quickly, and then not allow you to pass information for the first several minutes of the connection?


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                the second thing:thumb:

                it takes quite a few minutes b4 i can actually d/l or upload data...and it won;t work until i actually try to d/l or upload not just a matter of waiting a few minutes...i actually have to be there pressing refresh on IE until it works

                any ideas?

                lol btw fa-mas...i thought u were some kind of help page or something..oops sorri


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                  So, you said that your Imac seems fine on both ISP's, and this machine with the Lucent modem works fine with the other ISP.

                  I'm wondering, did you try alternate POPs for that one ISP on that one machine? If not, I would do so. Also if possible, try another backbone that the ISP has. Also try a long distance POP once. Just to see what it does.

                  If you have tried alternate POPs, and it still does the same, It could be an issue with that modem negotiating with that ISP. If it does not do the same thing, it's most likely that POP.

                  Here's what I would do, first make sure you have the settings for the ISP's you use, both of them if you use them both.

                  Go to control panel --> network connections
                  and delete all of the connections there. Just leave any LAN connections, Firewire, etc. This is important because Windows XP is supposed to rebuild the communications portion of itself when they're all gone.

                  then close all that stuff
                  and go to start --> run
                  type in "command" without the quotes, then click ok

                  in the DOS box, type "netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt"
                  again without the quotes.

                  This is going to restore TCP/IP back to it's pristene state. You could open up c:\resetlog.txt to see what it reset

                  then re-boot, and re-build the connection in network connections
                  then try.

                  If still happens. Run these pings. I'm gonna have you do 99 packets to see if it sends information and is dropping packets. To do so, again open the dos box and type:

                  "ping -n 99"
                  "ping -n 99"

                  also run a trace route:

                  paste the results of these into a post. I don't need all the replies from the ping though, just the end statistics.

                  Last thing, I would work with the modem. Either way, get updated drivers from the OEM. Actually, I would do that first before you try these inits.

                  Here are the inits for a LT Winmodem:
                  disable kflex, s38=0
                  disable v.90 -v90=0
                  disable v.90 and k56, v.34 s38=0-v90=0



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                    Oh yeah, any proxies or firewalls installed. If so, uninstall them while testing. Alot of them don't truly disable, that's why I ask to uninstall.

                    Later again


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                      whoa taht's a lot of info to take in:D
                      thx alot for the help...i've been away for a few days..that's y i havn't replied....yep i'm gonna do all this stuff and report back

                      again, thx for all the help:cheers:


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                        You don't wanna know what I do for a Windows 95 browsing issue.

                        Heh, Later