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So-called Conexant/Rockwell SoftK 56Modem

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  • So-called Conexant/Rockwell SoftK 56Modem

    I have done a lot of research since my original bleat for help. Here is what I have found. Please pass it on. Nearly all these modems were made by Puretek of Taiwan. Rockwell/Conexant only made the chip set. Further, the generic drivers provided by Conexant donít work properly with most of these modems. There are actually about 6 different modems all called Conexant or Rockwell Soft56k. To get the right driver do the following:
    1. Get the FCC number off of the actual board. The last six digits will be PT3XXX. This PT number will be the Puretek model number.
    2. Go to the puretek website and retrieve the correct modem driver
    3. When installing drivers for these modems, your computer goes through a two step process. This is because there are actually two different hardware devices on these boards. A modem enumerator and the actual modem.
    a. first a modem enumerator driver is installed. (this driver selects voice,fax or data)
    b. Then the actual modem driver is installed

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    Working for the second largest ISP in the US, I can say I've seen alot of these Conexant/Rockwell HCF and SoftK56 modems. I must also say that they are the worst modems on the planet. They do stupid stuff like share the video memory. I mean what the heck does a modem have to do with the video memory. Whenever I see one of these modems, I always know what is going to work. There is an init that always works, +MS=V.34, yeah it makes it a 28.8 connection. But whatever you gotta do. Anyway, I don't care about modems anymore. I get to do some crazy stuff now that I'm geared toward DSL. Anyone rebuilt a circuit on a redback server before? It's crazy stuff, I do it at least 10 times a day.



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      (*cough* HCF modems *cough*)

      My mother has an Acer RA-20P, which is a Conexant HCF modem. They are an AWESOME little modem, connects at 54,666bps on a Pentium 120MHz.

      It is the HSF modems that are the crappy ones, they are purely software based. The HCF modems use a hardware controller chip, the only software component is the firmware, they store the firmware in memory rather than in ROM.

      Also, my external Conexant modem is more prone to disconnections than my mother's "crappy" HCF modem - and connecting to the same ISP she gets far superior transfer rates.

      So please don't bag the HCF modems - bag the HSF ones instead :hammer:
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        You are bloody well right Albinus. Evveryone bags these modems when they don't even know which one they have. The chip based modems are excellent. I also run a "Lucent" mitsubishi modem and the the Puretek(i.e conexant) is always faster.

        The chip based modems are good hardware. Unfortunately the software support for them has been poor. None of the firms who sold them seem to have kept proper track of model numbers etc.
        The only real way to learn which one you have(and get the right driver) is by the FCC ID number and the Puretek web site.

        Pass the word.


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          Yes, a lot of my friends from TAFE have Conexant HSF modems and have problems.

          One is running Windows XP and no matter which drivers he uses for it, the modem fails to turn the speaker off after connection - which means whenever he uses the Internet he's stuck with the carrier noise blasting out of the modem speaker :laugh:

          But no complaints whatsoever from the ones who have the HCF modems :)
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            Yes, there are some xp problems with HSF modems. There is a bug in the driver for xp.
            I don't use xp so no problems. I found that xp was a step backwards if you are a programmer or technical user as it limits your access to the nuts and bolts of the system. A good exercise for some of your mates who are into programming would be to write a bug free driver. There are thousands of conexants around and most people would readily pay say $9.95 for a bug free driver rather than buy a new modem.


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              Now, don't make me out to be flacking on these modems. I'm just saying that whenever i see a disconnection or a slow connection issue (which is every day, cause I work for a freaking ISP), every time I see one of these modems. I'm not saying they won't work, just that I see more problems with these modems than others.

              Here is a little table of known problem modems and inits that will help. This is not all the problem modems, just the common ones.


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                I have found whether it is the ISP or Telco to blame...

                When I look through my modem log after a disconnection, if it says "Remote modem hung up", I blame my ISP. If it says "Carrier lost to remote modem", I blame the Telco. Since I have discovered this it really helps to pinpoint the cause :)
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                  Where exactly is the FCC number located? I am looking at my old "Conexant" modem and I can't locate it. Don't use it anymore, since I have DSL. :bounce: Just wondering.

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                    I have no doubt your ISP has problems with Rockwell/Conexant. That is because a lot of these people are using the wrong driver. Usually a "generic" driver they have picked up from the Conexant website. Try sending them off to the Puretek website to get a new driver. As far as I know, all the Puretek dirvers work OK except the XP driver. If they are running XP unfortunately they will not be able to use the modem at present. This is not the fault of the hardware . Puretek just needs to get their act together and fix the XP driver software.


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                      The FCC numer will be 3digits followed by PTxxxx if it is a puretek modem. My modem is PT3515

                      PT3515 is the Puretek model number


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                        Originally posted by reefdancer34
                        I have no doubt your ISP has problems with Rockwell/Conexant. That is because a lot of these people are using the wrong driver. Usually a "generic" driver they have picked up from the Conexant website
                        I'm, sure that if everyone was using the "generic" drivers from conexant, no matter what ISP, could have the same problem. I just wanna make sure that you know it's not only my ISP that has these problems. Plus the calls I get are people who don't know too much, most of them have storebought computers where their OEM (compaq, hp, dell, whatever) has installed what they feel are the "correct drivers". I always refer to OEM anyway to get the correct or updated drivers.

                        Also, Albinus has the "good info" on how to diagnose a problem like getting disconnected. I only wish half the callers I get have that type of knowledge.