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USB DSL Connection w/WAP

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  • USB DSL Connection w/WAP

    I've been at college all semester and I've grown used to the benefits of broadband internet.

    Now that I'm moving home for the summer I want to take advantage of the DSL that my parents have running to their computer. They have a DSL modem that connects through the USB port of their computer.

    I want to run this connection through a WAP and then to my desktop.

    Do I have to run this connection out through a NIC and then connect the NIC to my WAP? Do I need to use a crossover cable to run to the WAP? Is there anyway to use the WAP in conjunction with this USB DSL modem without having to have my parents computer runnning all the time, like using a router? We are all using Windows XP at my house if that helps.

    Once I have the signal from the WAP running into my box can I then run it out through a second NIC in that box out to a switch and feed my other computers the fat DSL?

    If anyone can help me with any of these questions I would really appreciate it.

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    Yes use a nic and some form of internet sharing program (I use M$ ICS which is on the XP CD) and that's about it.
    If you're conecting your pc to theirs directly then use a crossover cable or just feed the connection straight to a hub or switch to share it out. :smokin: