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  • ConFuSeDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have a network of 2 computers
    i want to play a tcp/ip game on my client whose ip is like
    but this ip is the lan ip
    what ip should i give my friend to join??????
    Plz Help

    thanks a million
    :confused: :confused: :confused:

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    if one of the comps ip is
    then give the other an ip of 192.168.0.*
    where *= any number between 1 and 255 and do NOT use 140.


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      Hang on... what you are saying is that you have both an internet connection and a LAN connection.. when you go into the game it only shows your LAN IP address, not the internet one, which your friend wants to use? Is that right?

      If so, then you need to find the IP of your Internet connection. There are a few ways to do this. Before I start rambling, I just want to make sure that I understand the situation.. Is what I said before right?


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        YUP beefy
        you are on the right track
        i can find the ip of my internet connection but that ip is only for my server computer not my client....right?


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          OK, a little example below.. :

          Let's say you have three computers.. Your machine, one on a local network (PC #2) and one somewhere over the Internet (PC #1).

          If your machine is connected to both the LAN and the Internet (via modem) then you will have two IP addresses.. One will be for the LAN ( for example) and the other will be for the Internet ( for example).

          If your machine is the game server, then to access it the computer from the Internet side (PC #1) will need the IP for the Internet connection, When they enter that, their computer will try to connect straight though...

          For the computer on the LAN to connect (PC #2), you need to give them your LAN IP,

          Now, back to what you were saying.. All that I just said was if your computer was the one doing the serving.. but if you wanted PC #2 to do the serving, then I don't know if it is possible to connect from the outside.. Depends on how your Internet sharing is set up.

          Hope this is getting somewhere to helping..


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            It's my understanding that you're trying to connect to someone through a computer that is getting it's connection from another computer. What would clarify the gaming issue is what you are using to share this internet connection with the non-internet computer.

            I would think that you would simply give your gaming partnet whatever IP address shows up for your second, the not directly connected computer.

            My question for you is: Why? If you want to use this computer to play games, then why don't you use it as your internet computer as well? It's likely faster if you want to game on it. Are you routing your connection through the first computer for some reason?