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  • XP HOME network LIMITED ?

    Windows XP Home (6) networked to old Win98 (7) pier to pier 10 NOT 100
    still using old cards till new cat5 cables installed.

    Home only wants to see 5 at a time, read somewhere that Pro only sees 10.

    a. are 5 and 10 the max (without using a dedicated server) ?
    b. is there a way of keeping this old network going or do I have to scrap
    HOME and replace it with PRO (10 limit ?) ..... 13 in system...?

    Network is only used for basic data movement , YES could go back to 98
    on all, but then why when I purchased new machines and asked all the
    questions did no one KNOW of this HOME limitation.


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    As far as I know, there are no limitations like that in either XP Home or Pro. I've seen as many as 35 networked PC's on my version of Pro at home... and I can't see why Home wouldn't be the same. Are you sure that's it's simply not a problem with My Network Places or something? can you actually communicate with the computers you can't see?


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      will only log on to ANY five at a time. log this one off
      then add a new one , NOW YOU SEE IT !!!!!!!!
      Is this a HOME LIMITATION or tc/ip numbering problem.
      Have read somewhere that HOME is limited to 5 cons.
      and pro to 10 cons.
      Have been told that HOME only handles pier to pier
      ................ how are you guys setting up at LANS,
      anyone seen more than 5 Home hooked into a network ???
      Will installing a SWITCH (100 not 10) and cat 5 cable open
      this old dogs eyes ?????



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        found this on another forum
        TOOK HOME BACKWARDS (we assume it to be the same or better than
        98..... @#$%^^*&)
        They simply did not tell people that you could only run PEER to PEER.
        This is simply A HUGE PRICE RISE (you now HAVE to buy PRO) especially
        if you have paid the bucks for HOMEless XP.
        Would have bought 98 if any of the dealers I quizzed had known
        ......... they still dont ....... but then it probably tells us in the fine print
        on the back of Bill's dunny (bathroom) door.
        Any tips on a fix or more info,


        check it out


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          Why does everyone assume that a problem with a MS product is caused by Bill Gates?

          All MS Software is created by thosands of people who work as a team(s) to bring you the software you use. I hardly think Gates alone directly influences the millions of operations in each program. If he did, well, he sure does know how to manage his time well.
          Anyway, I acknowlede you didnt make that post in the other forum you found it, im just having a whinge.

          As for your problem, check your share names (some 9x machines dont like share names with spaces or other chars in them eg: "John's super secret tip top pr0n collection" wont be visible to win9x machines. Also check to make sure you are using a TCP/IP network and each machine has its own Ip address. Unless you need it for a specific reason, get rid of IPX/SPX from each machine.

          I havnt got XP Home, I got XP Pro so I cant be sure that the claims XP Home can only see 5 other computers on the network are true, but XP Pro can see more than 10. I know that for a fact. (XP Pro on a laptop, took to my tafe campus, hooked it up and could see 30+ computers in each lab (workgroup) with ease...pity about the firewall tho)


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            ok, i'm confused...

            When you say you can only log 5 on, then have to log one off.. what are you talking about? logging on to what? the machine?

            And when you say 5 / 10 max, maximum what? machines possible on a network? There is no problem with the TCP/IP numbering system as long as you understand it.

            Sorry, i'm not quite sure where you are coming from here... if possible, can you give us a detailed description of what you are using?


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              If the troops dont go in the direction the boss points them
              then the boss sacks them (or on the battlefield ... shoots them),
              the point ....... We Willy knows !!!!!!
              The question why did you PAY more ???? (for Pro)
              ..... to get what you used to pay less for, or perceived benefits
              like "I've got PRO" ......... and shelled out more dough !!!!
              (or are you running a floppy coppy, because PRO costs more??)


              From King Billy's site

              Windows XP Home Edition > Product Information > Product Overview
              Windows XP Professional: The Right Choice for Larger Networks
              Posted: January 30, 2002

              Windows XP Home Edition is a great choice for small or home networks (typically two to five computers), but for the best experience on larger networks (typically more than five computers) for example, at a school or business, Windows XP Professional is the right choice.

              does " BEST EXPERIENCE" translate into really meaning you can only
              run five on a peer to peer and THAT'S IT ...... ie their is NO other
              experience .......DECEPTION BY OMMISSION. ..........???????????????????


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                xp network is as set with the wizard
                the computers set their own tcp / ip

                We are not using a server
                (You can have unlimited connections through
                a server with Pro )

                All ten computers are connected to the
                Network "Cottage"

                However when one computer talks to
                another it becomes Logged on to that
                computer if there are more than four
                other computers logged on to that computer
                XP gives a sharing error message and will
                not allow you to see that computer
                This also applies to shared printers etc


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                  hope the message above clears up your question,
                  there are another three computers with XP HOMEless
                  to be added to the network
                  believe you can only peer to peer 5 computers on
                  HOMEless and 10 peer to peer on PRO,
                  but with server PRO can handle more ?


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                    i can assure that pro can handle a lot more than just 10 icons
                    TweakTown [email protected] Team


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                      is that peer to peer OR through a server,
                      we know it can through a server


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                        OK, as far as that little Microsoft article posted, don't pay any attention to that.. It's just a suggestion from them, it's got nothing to do with the capabilities of the software really...

                        In a peer to peer network, in theory there is no limit to the number of computers you can have connected to each other... Using an IP network, you don't have a hope of stretching it to it's limits...

                        Personally, I got Pro because I didn't see the point of getting a slightly inferior product in Home version. Also, I want to use multiple processors in the future, so Pro is the way to go..

                        Anyways, back to the network problem... OK.. you['ve got 10 computers each giving themself an IP address.. can I suggest you assign an address to each computer, instead of it making it's own? For example, Computer one can have IP, computer 2 have, etc.. with the subnet mask of

                        Another quick question: Can you actually see all the computers in My Network Places, or can you only see some of them?

                        With the sharing problem, you should be able to set how many users can access that share in the Sharing properties when you set it up....

                        I hope this is of some help.. I'm still not entirely sure what's going on with your network...


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                          To Beefy

                          With the network the problem is not in the Ip addresses
                          as each computer can "See" every other computer
                          and any one computer can get access to any one other
                          All computers have access through the network to other
                          computers all of the time HOWEVER

                          If you go to connect to a computer that already has
                          as many connections as it will allow
                          (Connect here is to actually read to shared drive
                          not just see the computer)
                          you get the following message :

                          \\"computer" is not accessible . You might not have permission
                          to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permission.

                          No more connections can be made to this remote computer
                          at this time because there are already as many connections
                          as the computer can accept.

                          This also happen if you Log on a network drive,
                          Go to use a logged on network drive that has been idle,
                          and you can get the message

                          "cant get printer values" if you print to a shared printer

                          these all happen to a computer that was accessing that
                          other computer five minutes earlier.

                          Also you can recieve the same message if you access the
                          total network
                          (My Network Places/Entire Network/Microsoft Windows Network/


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                            OK, sorry about all that.. I'm understanding now..

                            When you go to share something in Home, are you using simple sharing, or advanced sharing? I can't say I've used Home myself, but in Pro, in the Advanced Sharing options, you have the ability to set how many connections you would like to allow at one time. I'm assuming that Home would have the same..


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                              Where is advanced sharing ????
                              Ive tried in she sharing of the folder, control panel, network connection.