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    I would love to get some of the people who provide driver downloads by the scrotum and squeeze until they produced drivers that actually work. Presently I am trying to install the "Web Excel 56k bps FAX MODEM" to work with Win XP Professional. This is an internal PCI device that has worked just fine in the same motherboard under Win98.

    These modems are known also as:

    Conexant/Rockwell HSF modem
    Puretek PT 3515 modem

    When installed under Win98 a purely software device known as PCI Modem Enumerator first shows up in your list of PNP/PCI devices. Following this the modem installs as a Conexant Rockwell

    No such luck with XP.
    1. XP firstly recognizes the unit as Generic Soft K56 Data Fax Modem.

    2. XP then gives an error message that It could not install "PCI Communications Controller - The data is invalid".

    3. XP washes it's hands of the whole matter.

    I have downloaded driver packages from three different web sites. They are all the same generic garbage which doesn't work withXP.



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    try the Win2000 driver


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      Try the following shortcut for Conexant HSF modem drivers under Windows XP:

      Or if you want to browse the files on offer, go here and accept the terms to browse the menu.



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        Man, I wish people would register... it takes like a minute and a half.. click the register button in the upper right..


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          If they can get reefdancer34 the info needed to install the modem, I don't think reefdancer34 cares if they are registered or even what planet they might be from:D
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            For those following this thread, all these Conexant Soft56K modems were made at the same factory in Taiwan, a mob calle Puretek. Their web site has all the latest software for all models of these modems and all variations of windows. You need to get the FCC rego number of the modem to identify which model it is.

            All the driver installation software from all sources is crappy and hard to use. When you install these modems you actually install two devices. For instance under Win98 the first device comes up as PCI Modem Enumeerator. Once you succeed in getting this inst alled YOU MUST REBOOT. None of the software instructions tell you the above info. After rebooting A device called PCI Soft56K Data Fax Voice Modem finally appears. Again you direct Windows to the correct file and finally you are installed. The modem usually appears at com3 or com4.

            The above is the level of understanding I have reached so far. The problem with Win XP is I can't get past square one. XP just says the driver data is invalid and won't proceed any further.



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              With all the trouble and considering the price of modems, why not just invest in another. They are cheap and lots of companies have to have better support.


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                Hey, I may have found your driver on I searched for quite awaile. You have to go through the normal sign up BS, but your driver is there. I searched all messages on the board for the keyword of Conexant. The search takes quite a while, then many, many messages come up with your key word. Suprise, there are lots and lots of people just like you with the same modem and they cant find a driver for xp. If you read through the messages you will see a couple of messages called Found It. Some of them are Bogus, but there is one that I cant be positive, but I think he found the driver called the message claims that the driver is good for all conexant 56k modems for xp. Sorry that I cant provide a link but I dont know how to transfer the link from to here. There is a link there too. Good luck