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  • cable router

    i'm trying to setup a small home network so any help is much appreciated

    if i buy something like this:

    can i just plug my cable modem into it then a normal network cable to any pC? is this possible?? i don't exactly want a setup with a switch where one has to be on all the time.

    Would it be better to have a switch or a router?

    btw, is that router that i've directed you to any good??

    Thanks in advance

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    Good choice.

    What the router will do is it will do all the internet connecting and routing. There's 1 WAN port and 4 LAN ports on it. You plug your modem into the WAN port, and anything that you plug into the LAN port will have internet access. The 4 LAN ports basically act as a switch even if you don't have / want the net access. The router will also work as a hardware firewall, which is very handy.

    A switch won't do the job properly. so definitely go for the router.


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      oh ok, thanks

      say i want to expand my network, could i buy a 8 port switch and plug on of those lan ports into the switch and make the switch do something similar to the router?


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        just link a switch to one of the ports on the router and you'll be set. you only need one router at the access point, everything else gets networked out from there.


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          sweet :)

          thanks :D