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WOL (Wake-up on LAN) issues!!

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  • WOL (Wake-up on LAN) issues!!

    hi there

    can WOL (Wake-up on LAN) make your system boot up or does it only bring it out of hibernation or standby!?

    if i have a powercut, i want my pc to boot back up (its a server on 24/7 and im going to get new NIC cards with WOL) by itself when it detects that my home lan or broadband connection needs it, so theres no need for me to go home or get a family member to turn it back on


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    Sorry but I deleted your thread of the same question in the other forum as only 1 is required and this is the more appropiate for this question.
    But I can't help ya with it as I don't use the facility as mine run as "always on". :smokin:


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      WOL is summot to do with motherboard features too yaknow (cos its the mobo thats the important bit to c if it supports the feature im on bout)

      yea i know my server is always on, its just that if i ave a powercut i ned it to boot up automatically, i thaught WOL network cards would boot it up when the power is back up and running in the house =)


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        Umm, my thoughts on WOL (I'm probably wrong) was that it only woke your computer when a certain signal was broadcast on the network. It's the same as Wake-On-Ring for a modem. If you have that enabled, and someone tries to ring the telephone line your computer is hooked up to, it will turn your computer on. If it's powerouts you're worried out, just get a nice little UPS.. It'll do the job.


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          yeah WOL will only power/wake you machine up if you send it network packets. (not sure about powerup, that might be network brand related)

          If you want your machine to boot after a power failure, then theres a setting in the bios that will do that.


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            Most WOL will power up a machine, the same as Wake on Ring. It took me ages to figure out why my computer would suddenly turn on.. then I realised it was everytime the phone was ringing.. :) not good.


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              kewl, ne idea wot type of WOL that will make it boot up?? (i dont wanna use a realtek nic chipset as they sometimes aint compatible with networking products such as sygate home/office network)

              yep hopefully if a WOL can make my system boot up (i have a home LAN so itll defo receive some traffic (from the LAN and externally as it acts as a game server and stuff like that) so the WOL activates)

              wots this setting in the bios that makes the system boot up after a power failiure!?

              hehe do you have to have a cable going from the connector on the mobo to the modem for WOR (wake-up on Ring)? u have to do the same for WOL too work too dontcha!?


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                Just make sure your motherboard supports WOL, go out and get a nice expensive Intel / 3Com NIC, connect the NIC cable to the MB and you're in business. I'm not understanding what you want this for though. You say there will be traffic on the network, which I can understand, but if you want all this to power the server up when the power goes out, there won't be anything left to generate traffic on the network when it comes back on. And I thought that WOL uses a certain broadcast signal to wake the machine. But I could be wrong there.

                The other options are in the BIOS. There may be a spot where you can set what happens on Power Failure or something similar, most of the time it's set to Off, but you can make it reboot if you really want it. You can also turn on / off Wake on Ring here as well.

                When I had my Wake on Ring problem, I just had my modem on COM1, so it must just detect the incoming signal.


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                  ahh rite, i thaught it wuld of done the same with WOL lol

                  well after the power is restored, who ever is using the other computers will boot theres up, which after there machine is in windows should send a packet to my machine so it hopefully boots up

                  i did ave a compaq and a 3com nic which both supported WOL (they didnt have the cable though) but i sold them =(

                  i also have a second nic for my broadband internet with a static ip address, so if ne1 wants to connect to my web server which is running on it ( or if its running a game server, then it should boot up for them too yea when they request me ip or something similar!?


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                    You should check your BIOS settings.

                    The BIOS in my PC has a setting that determines what state the PC will return to if power is lost. If your BIOS has this setting, set it to restart, and you will not have to worry about the WOL feature on the NIC's.

                    At my previous job, the WOL feature was used by the Net Admin to perform updates during the night when nobody was working. They could power on all the PC's and run the update remotely, unless the person turned the power strip off!