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Electral shock from network cable

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  • Electral shock from network cable

    Hiya all,

    I have the above problem. Everytime I remove the RJ45 cable from my network card I get a small electric shock!

    The cable attaches to my Cable Modem, which must be getting power from somewhere other then it's power lead as I get a shock even after I've turned my stuff of at the mains!

    My question is is can this charge cause any damage to my Network card or motherboard etc?

    Your feedback is appreciated.


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    Probably ESD. (Electrostatic Discharge) You need to touch metal before you touch the cable or whatever, as it may cause damage..


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      Thanks for your speedy response. I will bear it in mind. What sort of damage am I likely to do if the case is closed?

      Many thanks



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        Well if its bad enough, bearing in mind it would probably need to be fairly large since it would go thourgh the ether. port, it can fry the mobo, or modem, though if its been doing this for a while, and your seeing no problems, theres really nothing to worry about


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          Thanks for the advice man. I have been using the cable for nearly 2 years but it's the first time I've noticed this. The cable guy installed an adaptor a few days ago that splits the main cable connection into 2. One for TV and one for Internet access, maybe this has made an impact :shrug: I'll keep an eye out on it.

          My system has just been built and I had it run overnight using the vigorous Prime95 test and everything seems ok. So far so good.

          Thanks again.