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A PC For Firewall and Internet Gateway

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  • A PC For Firewall and Internet Gateway

    I would like to set up a P233 machine I have just collecting dust, to act as a firewall and internet gateway to my main 'puter. The P233 has Win98SE installed, and my main has XP Pro. Each has an ethernet NIC, and I'm using the ethernet connection on my cable modem.
    Exactly what else do I need to purchase, what software will I need, and Exactly how do I set this up. I know some networking stuff, but please answer as if you were "spoon feeding" a total noob. I really need all the answers, right down to the letter.

    Thanks to any and all who respond, with any and all help.

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    well, if u ar wanting to use the p2 as a wirewall, i sugess u using LINUX redhat 9.

    redhat has built in firewall software that u can set.

    u can get linux ISO at

    also, ur "firewall" system should have 2 NIC card. 1 to connect to the internet, and the other one to connect to ur main rig.

    if u need more help just keep posting


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      Though I've never tried myself, I've heard a lot of people suggest Smoothwall for a simple firewall PC. Go to for more details and downloads. It's better than a normal distro as it's dedicated to firewalling.


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        wow, never seen that before maybe i will try it myself :p . I myself is a firewall guy, i am using a wirelss setup with 256bit encrybtion. then a redhat 8 firewall system, then my main setup.


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          I've just got a router with NAT / SPI doing all my firewall work, so I've never had to set up a PC to do it. :)


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            Coyote Linux floppy firewall

            i have never used it but DigitalDD is using it and with negligible sys requirements i would say it is a great thing to have.
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