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    I want to make an internet sharing between 12 pcs on one modem ... so making a network for 12 pcs ....
    I am zero in networking so who can explain tm me how I can do it ... what I need to buy ... Thank you

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    you need:

    1 nic for each PC
    1 cat5 cable for each, long enough to reach:
    1 12port router, or three 4 port routers (witha cat5 inbetween each, one uplinked to another) - connected to the modem
    1 networking software (windows2k does just fine)
    1 user manual for the router(s)
    10 minutes, per machine, max

    it's as easy as plugging in the components and pressing "go"

    oh - you are on broadband, yes? otherwise, it's a little bit trickier, but not by much

    :afro: :afro: :cheers: :cheers:


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      think it might be a little cheaper to get some hubs instead of a 12 port router :?: ;)


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        cheaper? maybe.
        faster? no.
        more secure? hell no.

        besides which, if they were all hubs, one of the PC would need to be on 24/7 and have 2 nics in it and be that degree more of a pain in the butt to setup

        with routers, that problem is non-existant
        you could have all or none on at any time

        ok, i guess 1 router, and some hubs would do it...

        a 4 port router (for expandability, and i don't see too many 1 port routers), and a 10 or 12 port hub (or a some smaller hubs) would do the same trick

        : peace2: :afro:


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          is this a dialup connection or broadband?


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            You need to give us more information. What kind of internet connection do you have?


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              what I need is connecting 12 pc to make them sharing the internet , printer, or any other sharing files or anything...

              so I need to know what I need to buy and the price if possible...
              and how I can fit them to make my internet cyber cafee


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                OK, now first there are a few things we need to know....

                What kind of Internet connection do you want to hook up? Is it a dial up modem, or is it broadband...

                Secondly.. What kind of printer were you looking at? Some printers come with network interfaces, which makes things easier..


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                  Originally posted by Beefy
                  OK, now first there are a few things we need to know....

                  What kind of Internet connection do you want to hook up? Is it a dial up modem, or is it broadband...
                  uhhh, heheh - he says cyber cafe - that implies a broadband connection, preferably a nice fast cable connection, cuz you aint gonna get 12 PC online at the same time with a dialup ;)



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                    Thats not true CT, you could get 12 computers connected to the internet well enough to run an IMS on each... (ICQ, etc)

                    Get One Router 4-5 port... either a Linksys or a SMC barricade... and then buy hubs as you need them to save on wire.

                    Honestly though 4ALL, if you aren't good with computers, find a computer geek friend who is, it will save you alot of nightmares...


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                      your quite right, you could get a few IM apps going, but that's not the goal of this idea - this is to run a internet cafe

                      that means loading LOTS of webpages, and a broadband connection


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                        yea, i figured you knew that, but I was just pointing it out, because I've actually done it at a lan party just to keep in contact with the outside world.. heh


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                          All you need is:
                          1 16 Port Switch
                          1 10/100 RJ45 Network Card in all of the 12 PC's.
                          12 Straight through Cat5 RJ45 Cables.
                          All you have to do is connect all of the Network Cards to the Switch Ports with the Cat5 Cable. Then stick a small proxy server on the computer with the internet connection. You don't NEED a router (Unless one is supplied with the internet connection), hackers don't generally give a crap about an internet cafe. If you don't have network cards in the PC's already it should cost you around 800 bucks for the networking gear.

                          Retail 16 Port Switch:

                          Retail Network Cards:

                          Proxy Server:

                          Cat5 Cables can be bought at almost any electrical store.


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                            ok, 2 problems jay...

                            1st, hardware's been covered already ;)

                            2nd, hackers don't care WHAT they are hacking, they are simply attacking OPEN and VULNERABLE systems - simple software firewall and/or proxy isn't enough, hardware firewall (re: switch/router) is needed

                            it could be NASA or a n00by's PC that they just got from chumpUSA - it doesn't matter a hacker will attack it

                            ok, 3 problems, - it won't cost that much either :)

                            for those who want to nitpik, yes i know the difference between 'hack' and 'crak' ;)


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                              realy many thanks .... for all of you ...

                              but can all of you agree on one type of connection I mean the best way of connecting the 12 pcs to make the internet cyber cafe more reliable and faster for customers and less expensive to me as well ...

                              if you could please I need a brief talk about how I can install the items + softwars need ( a brief talk of how to make the internet connection)
                              thank you