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MSI B450 Gaming Plus AC (ITX)

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  • MSI B450 Gaming Plus AC (ITX)

    H'lo. I am bricked bios -- make boom, boom! I try AFUWINGUI.exe, but only get 0 byte. So, I go download original bios from MSI website. Then, I use MSI website bios and edit with AMIBCP from tweaktown. Finally, I edit using UBO (universal bios updater). I install python! Last, i flash using M-flash and "ah!". Bios "cl-ash"! Now, CPU light is on. No boot, black screen, work, no. I try 4 different USB sticks with MSI.ROM from MSI website. I try farthest port from PS/2 port and farthest from network port. Nothing! Why?

    Lastly, no one said that I had a bios flash button. Silly me. Wish I would have known sooner

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    I find video with post of bios flash button. ( But.. my flash button is missing from my motherboard. How can i still do this?