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  • usb printer problem

    Hi TTer's, I have a Toshiba satellite pro laptop and just got a HP 845c printer. I install the drivers and the printer works just fine. But when I turn it off and back on later I get an error message that says "there was an error writing to usb /deskjet 845c_/th1771d6nosx for the printer/ the printer is not ready make sure it is turned on". The laptop only has usb so no other option. If I uninstall the printer driver and reinstall it, it works fine again. There are no other printer drivers in the control panel. I remember reading somewhere about a faulty NEC port chip that had no fix. I tested the printer on my pc and it works fine.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanx Ed

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    naa, should not be that if you are printing... let me ask you this... on HP printers, you HAVE to install the drivers first... then reboot... then plug up the printer and let the computer find it then usually hit cancel and hit finish for the HP software to finish its install job... now the problem with this install is that if you have XP or 2000, if you do not finish the setup as you plug in the device, windows will not understand there is a printer there... you could go into the REG and fix that, but unless you know what you are doing, I'd leave the REG alone.... open the CD, see if you can find the driver folder, then uninstall everything.. you may have to go into your system folder under windows (or WINNT) and get rid of the HP hardware ini file... (this is so the computer will find the printer when you first plug it in... if you uninstall the drivers, this might and might not be deleted... usually isn't)... then you need to plug the printer back in, let it find the device, then point to the cd rom and the location of the drivers. install it that away first, then follow HP's directions... you should find it would work after that...

    also, if you have an extra USB cable that you can use to check and make sure the cable your printer has is good.. I'd do that also... it might be sending but not receiving the signal that says it printed the job...


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      Thanx Firewalker, I'll give that a try tomorrow and get back to the forum. By the way on laptop I'm running 98se. Ed


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        Hey TT, I tried what you suggested. The printer works but if I shut down and reboot it stops working. If I uninstall and reinstall it works again. Anything else I could try. I have used regedit plenty of times so if there is a way to fix this in the registry please advise. Thanx Ed


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          well i have not used lot of HP printers but i have used atleast 5 printers from 600 series and i don't agree with firewalker out there that you HAVE to install your printer first, then reboot and then let the puter find the printer.
          rather in all the 600 series printers i used or installed, they had to be connected first, let the puter detect it and then install the drivers and then ofcourse...reboot.
          if you have a USB printer then i would explain about my OS i.e. XP and how to do it.
          what XP does with USB printers is that it creates a virtual port named "USB printing support", whenever you switch on the printer. now wat you might be facing is that whenever you switch on the printer, XP creates the virtual port again and can't find the drivers for it to work with.
          i would suggest that un-install your drivers. rather then installing the drivers first and then letting the puter detect the printer, do the opposite.
          let XP detect the printer, use "Add Hardware" wizard and direct it to the drivers from the CD. don't use CD auto play function to install the drivers, use the wizard instead. it will show you the driver list from the CD. chose the one related to your language and then install it.
          now re-boot your system and try to switch the printer "On". it should work now.
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            I was thinking that laptop runs an Intel CPU, but your sig has confused me.

            If it is an AMD, get this update installed;

            Can't hurt, I've seen it resolve several problems before.
            But I'd have sworn that lappy was an Intel:?:
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              Thanx all, The puter is an Intel Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop. The printer is a HP deskjet 845c. The OS is 98se. My problem isn't getting the printer to work, but keeping it working. I can get it to print just fine after the original install but not after I reboot. For some reason it seems to drop or lose the driver when I shutdown. I can still see the driver but the printer gives me an error mesage that it can't print to the usb and to turn the printer on. It's on. Could it be the NEC E-5-E11 usb host controller? I would really appreciate any help. Thanx Ed


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                This page at HP is quite extensive regarding USB issues with scanners, printers etc.
                It may well be your NEC host controller - but the page has a lot of resources to check into before buying a PCMCIA USB port.

                Though that may well be what it comes to in your case:(
                The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                  Thanx Mr. C and everyone else. I''ll try the HP link and get back to you later. Ed


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                    Hi, I checked out the HP link and the Toshiba 460 series has the bad NEC chip. :-( Can I use the serial port with a usb printer? Any kind of patch cable. If not I will have to get a pcmcia adapter.
                    Thanx Ed