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  • KingMax Ram Problems

    The problem I am having is that I have just bought a new stick of Kingmax 256MB TinyBGA PC-133, and have had nothing but stability problems with it. The version number of the stick is PH-0190, and on the sticker is labeled MPGB635-68KX3, with the label KINGMAX on the memory modules.
    The problems that I get with this stick are reproduceable everytime so I know its the ram. My motherboard is a Abit KT7A-RAID 1.0, running a Duron 900, with the latest BIOS. I get constent lockups and resets in windows and in games, but when setting the FSB to asyncronous HOST FSB+PCI it wont make it into Win98 and tells the machine tells me i have corrupt files when loading XP Pro.

    Now on the other hand, I have another 256MB TinyBGA PC-133 Kingmax stick that works fine. Its stable, runs asyncronous and even runs at FAST memory timings at CAS 2 no problem. The difference between the two sticks it that the good working stick is version PH-180, has MPGB635-68KI3 on the label, but has the marking Kti on the memory modules. Can anyone help with my predicament, and what advice would you give, has this is driving me nuts. I cant just put the GOOD stick back in because it was borrowed in lew of getting my own :( Would I have to approuch Kingmax themselves and find a solution, as I have sent the RAM back twice now, and twice it has come back from the supplier and hasnt been found faulty (the same as everything/everywhere that has ever gone back to be checked for RA :) ).

    Can anyone help please?

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    I have only ever had 1 bad stick of Kingmax memory and it was taken straight back to the shop and exchanged for another stick (but that maybe because I buy a lot of parts from this shop).
    Also Kingmax is the only memory that I do use when assembling a PC but I'd suggest getting in contact with and explaining to them your situation. :smokin:
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      I have had 2 dud sticks of Kingmax RAM that wouldn't run at their rated 133MHz even at very conservative memory settings. A stick of 128MB Apacer PC-133 CAS-3 ran at 144MHz CAS-2, so I knew the Kingmax sticks were faulty. I returned them and after a 6 week turnaround (too long IMHO) :mad: got two sticks back. Guess what? They would run at 133MHz, but at soon as I nudged them up to 134MHz they would lock the system up.

      I know other people have had wonderful experience with Kingmax RAM (especially when overclocking), but my experience has been nothing but negative.
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        Ive now given the stick to a mate of mine to try in his P3 system on a Abit VP6.

        If he has problems .. I will take it back for a 3rd time. And with ram prices they way they are, i cant afford to buy a new stick.

        Apart from the usual 3dMark, sisoft and other stress test programs around .. is there any program that tests ram specific?


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          if u know anyone who has Microscope, pc mechanic, or any other diagnostic software, that would be your best bet..

          i know microscope is a very expensive and difficult to copy product, but i am sureif u asked the right person....

          software that can actually do a test read/write to each mem address of the entire stick is somefin u want, then when it thinks its farked, it just says, error at address : 0xae00f55a09 or wotever


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            It does help to have a printout from a program to throw at the vendor, because they can pass that on to the manufacturer who can pinpoint the problem chip :thumb:
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              Kingmax DDR is designed for budget overclockers

              Their memory packaging is designed to save space and money

              Kingmax DDR-SDRAM is rated for 2.5 CAS Latency, RUnning it at 2.0 and then complaining that is does not work is just a waste of time.

              Also 1T command rate is only sucessfull with 2 stick of memory (like Corsair and Samsung) 1T command rate on VIA and SiS chipsets places well too much stress on the memory.

              2.5v is the recommended voltage, however, placing voltages to 2.6v does help the stability 100%.

              Boards to avoid with Kingmax memory are ones that don't allow manual timing settings in the BIOS for memory control, since SPD doesn't seem to fully agree with Kingmax

              Setting the timings manualy helps in many instances.


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                That's it, I use Kingmax for budget systems and Corsair for those that want more. ;)
                (my No.2 PC I would class as a budget system)


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                  Yes Wiggo. Kingmax does do some very good results but remember, its nort worth complaining your Kingmax memory is not doing CL2 @ 333Mhz when its not rated for that speed.


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                    That's very true and where the Corsair comes in. ;)


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                      Ok guys heres the 411

                      I have been asked by Kingmax if I would do some work for them on their memory and working out sollutions to their problems. Now of course I am only human and Yes I took this job.

                      So now you will have someone to tell your problems to. I will try my best to help you all out with any problems and incompatibilities you are having and be able to relay some news to you in regards to offical statements Kingmax would like to make

                      If you are having problems please tell me your system specs, including the motherboard brand, Model and revison as well as the Kingmax meory type, speed and revision numbers as well as teh BIOS memory settings, so i can get a full idea of what is happening and if possible, so i can do my test systems the same way you guys have them, so i can try to produce the same errors.

                      Please be patient for answers, as this is a one-man show so far and I am just getting my legs for the Job

                      Hope to help you all


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                        Good news. Will they be catering more to overclockers?


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                          Yes they will be

                          Kingmax are pushing into overclockers market a bit more now. Whough still being aimed at budget users.

                          Kingmax is looking into the DDR-400 range to see just what is happening and what can be accomplished here.

                          Personaly I am working my DDR-400 stick ok, I do though acknolage some issues with some board with Kingmax memory, TinyBGA just doesn't agree with some boards, but this is also being worked on.

                          Stay Tuned for more results