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  • Gaming issue.

    Me and my girlfriend use to play a simple but very funny game called "Bomber Fun", so finally we where going to compete against eatchother ower our network, then we experienced that the game became sloooow and very "laggy" on BOTH our computers. :(

    My P4 runs it exellent in single sessions but not to good on lan.
    My girlfriends P3 650 runs it just bearly with 800x600 min details during single sessions and it is almost not playable at all ower our lan.

    This occour no matter witch pc used as host for the gaming session. The question is, if one computer in a lan gaming sesssion is to slow for the game could it affect the others performance to?

    Checked the web but no patces/info is awaible on this.

    The recommended specs for the game is 1,5 ghz, gf3 and better so therefor the P3 with it's poor videocard may have it tough, but should it really affect my comp in the other side of the lan cable?

    The specs for our comps are seen below and the lan speed is
    100 Mbit. Please help me with this **** before i throw hers or my own comp out da window...
    :scream: :scream: :scream:

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    Here is a link if someone wonder what game i'm writing about...
    It is incredibily FUN! To bad this lan issue... :(


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      I don't know the game, but it tends to be that with most newer games, if the server is not dedicated (i.e. it is being used to play the game as well as host the game) you will have lag issues.

      You'll need to use a standalone host for best least that's what I think. At the very least, host it on your P4 machine and turn down some of the game settings (i.e. anything which affects CPU usage).
      My Machine


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        the LAG you are experience will not be coming from your network through-put, granted that the network is working properly @ 100Mbit

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        2X256 Corsair XMS PC3200<br>
        80GB Deskstar 7200RPM</font>
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          I see, well i will get her a proper system soon but i was just curious on this anoying problem... Thanks for your help both of you...