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unable to get my ASUS M32 to boot from dvd, cd or usb

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  • unable to get my ASUS M32 to boot from dvd, cd or usb

    My first post. I've exhausted attempts to follow the procedure I received via email from an asus tech last year,
    guiding my through the process of setting my machine to be able to boot from dvd, cd or usb.
    The procedure he gave doesn't match the system I have; this alarmed me from the get go but I forged ahead,
    being desperate to hopefully rid myself of Windows 10's curse in the not to distant future.

    Hopefully someone with a box like mine can help: I simply want to be able to dual boot linux & the W10 that came
    with my M32 series asus. I have an M32 series, intel core i5-6400 proc, 1tb hdd, dvd/rw, bluetooth, etc.
    It's about 3 years old.
    My main sense of urgency is that I very much need to print & from what I'm able to gather, a W10 update
    about 3-4 months ago clobbered my the spooler. Windows sees my printer but can not talk to it. I've
    removed & reinstalled the printer more than once; done it on my login & the admin login. I've jumped through
    the ridiculous loops that HP makes you jump through just to troubleshoot to no avail. As a side note,
    I pulled out an old Pentium 4 Sony VAIO & put 32 bit linux MINT on it & hooked my printer up to it (yesterday)
    rebooted & printed normally. At least I can print which is a must: I'm a guitar teacher & I've got to be able
    to print.

    Thought I'd add this to help clarify if needed.
    Here's the response from ASUS tech support last August, in response to helping me configure
    my machine to boot from dvd, cd or usb...
    "Thank you for contacting ASUS Product Support, my name is Dennis W. I do hope you are having a wonderful day today.
    I am very sorry that you are having this issue booting from external media. I understand how frustrating that can be, but I can definitely help in resolving this issue for you.

    I have put together some steps you can try in order to boot from your external media.
    Here are the steps:
    1: Please turn the unit off and ensure no LED's are on, except if the unit is charging.
    2: Please press the F2 key repeatedly while the unit is powering on to enter the BIOS.
    3. Once in the BIOS, please navigate to the "Security" tab and disable "Secure Boot", then navigate to the "Boot" tab and enable "Launch CSM".
    4. Tap the F10 key to save the changes and exit after which the unit will restart.
    6. Upon startup, press the "ESC" key to enter the boot device menu and select your USB device

    We do value your business, thank you for being a part of the ASUS family.
    If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to let us know, we will be more than happy to assist you."

    I don't know what machine this tech was looking at but this procedure raises several questions as I engaged
    in it. Whatever he was looking at, it wasn't the same as mine. I had to hunt things down as I went through the
    steps & even then I had to guess because it was not as straight forward as the procedure would indicate.

    I spent several mornings trying to get this to work & gave up.
    I was not about to try to solve this in an email exchange with a tech person who was not looking at my machine.
    If he didn't know my machine, I figured I was screwed & anything further was pointless.
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