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  • Warning to people! (PSU)

    Never ever get a cheap PSU, it can cost you your entire computer, like it did with mine! *insert words of mass hatred* Never ever buy any PSU's made by Q-Tec, they're unreliable and cheap *£19 for a 400 Watt PSU, and lasted just below 2 months* I now have to buy myself another Athlon XP 2000+ chip because AMD won't take it back, and my motherboard 'might' qualify for an exchange for another, but I'll have to lie about what happened. *I'm probably the last person to figure this out*

    If you have a cheapy PSU in your computer at the moment, change it for an approved one!

    *Plans a terrorist attack on Q-Tec's headquaters* :snip: :shoot2:

    Hahaahaa! Die!! Die!!

    Ahem, anyway.... :D

    Say no to Q-Tec.

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    Sorry to hear that you lost, but i wouldnt blame Q-Tec, I will blame you. Its not their fault that they make POS product. Its your fault for buying it. Also there are so many reviews of all the hardware out there, you should have known better.
    So take it easy, its not against the law to make a cheap product.


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      yeah well some people just see the bottom dollar first

      i have never burdened a chep PSU with a heavy load, but i have seen several cheap- ones give way under load, its never a surprise that they do, only a surprise when u see what they can cause!

      anyway, an example would be my friends el-cheapo PSU went kaboom, heres a shot


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        Now see children, smokin' is bad for ya wealth. :devil win

        Gee sKuLLsHoT havn't ya tidied that cablin' up yet? :eek:


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          :p well the guy that sold it to me said it will do the job, and it was reliable (coughs some).

          Anyway, I would look through the internet for reviews on PSUs, if I knew that some could fry your computer like that picture 'sKuLLsHoT' posted, I mean, damn, that's over-kill, did they supply a fire-extinguisher with that PSU?

          Thank the 'puter-fairy, that mine wasn't that bad.

          Still... Say no to Q-Tec!! :snip: :shoot2:



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            Originally posted by Wiggo
            Now see children, smokin' is bad for ya wealth. :devil win

            Gee sKuLLsHoT havn't ya tidied that cablin' up yet? :eek:

            well actually, half of it is run under the carpet now (just dont tell the landlord ;) )

            and luckily for my flatmate, the PSU only took out his cd drive and burner, but then it has also probably contributed to the instability of his HDD and mobo :D


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              Holy Cow...

              That's an impressive picture!!!

              One smokin system I would say


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                Blame the consumer for purchasing defective merchandise because they should have known better because web reviews would have told them so? :bounce:


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                  I had my first PSU blow up yesterday. I just upgraded my sister's PC to 256MB from 128MB and booted back up to be greated by a pop and smoke. :(

                  $10 plus riddin' dust bunnies later and everything was right again. :D


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                    its amazing what will push a psu over the edge :D


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                      I'm not so sure about that as upon crackin' the seal I found that a light alloy strip (heatsink I spose :laugh: ) had leaned over and shorted against a couple of other components. The smoke was just from a discoloured section of PCB around the base of those components which wasn't easy to find untill I removed the dust from it (too much dust maybe :?: ) and found that at least the pop sound was the fuse that they had at least thought to install in the unit (would've been much worse w/o that :eek: ).